Multidimensional Audio
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    Multidimensional Audio

    I really like Mike's signature:

    "We can hear everything we measure, but we can't measure everything we hear. Let your ears be your guide."

    I'd like to think we're not measuring the right things, or don't fully understand how what we already measure impacts the subjective qualities of what we hear.

    But I also know the ear is an incredible instrument and I can't explain why I hear the things I do.

    I first read this paper by by Henning Moller of Bruel & Kjaer in 1978. It was a revelation to me then, and still holds up today. Bruel & Kjaer is a leading maker of audio test equipment and pioneered the use of DSP and individual harmonic measurements.

    It is a bit long and involved, so grab a cup of Joe and dig in. I hope you enjoy it.
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