Feb will make 2 years that I have owned the D1100 and it’s not going anywhere, sounds wonderful to me .... partners perfectly with my C1100 and other McIntosh gear. I also own a Meridian 808v6 and the 2 DACs sound virtually identical via the C1100/MC601s. My previous DAC was an Esoteric K01X and I have never had sellers remorse only great appreciation for the value represented by the D1100/MCT450 combo compared with the 2x as costly K01X. Imo, the D1100 9018 chip sounds worlds better than my oppo 203 in the same system. I couldn’t care less that the D1100 uses “older” chip technology, it’s the SQ that matters to me. McIntosh’s engineers know this chip well and have really maximized its potential with the D1100.

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