SABA 200 Stereo vintage luxury German radio
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    SABA 200 Stereo vintage luxury German radio

    I was shopping the used market for a tuner for a friend when I stumbled across a device so fantastic looking that I had to hear it. When I heard it, I had to have it. From 1961, my Saba 200 is a couple of levels up from the entry level described in this article: It is also a couple of levels below the 400 purportedly owned by John F. Kennedy. The story of the futuristic design is a good one. But it is the sound that blows me away. There are 9 tubes inside that drive four high efficiency paper cone speakers that the Germans developed with great care. The sound is so sweet, the bass so unexpected (not taut but not muddy either), with oodles of tube sweetness. Best of all, the hoarder/hobbyist I bought it from was under court order to clear out his fire trap apartment or face eviction. He sold it to me for a song. (I paid his ask price; I'm not a predator.) Mine is in just wonderful condition. Yeah, the tuner needs recalibration to match the frequencies on the panel. But everything works perfectly. My wife and I put it in the kitchen and we just love it. AND there are two inputs (din) that with a din-to-rca connector could allow me to connect a DAC to this thing. Maybe an Aurender A10? How cool would that be?!
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    Re: SABA 200 Stereo vintage luxury German radio

    Now that is cool.