I wanted to relay a very interesting conversation I had last evening.

I went on Music Culture's website last evening looking for a discussion forum and ended up following a link to their Facebook page. I took the opportunity to post a message about how much I am enjoying my MC speakers.

To my surprise a gentleman from the company replied back to me. We proceeded to have a very nice conversation.

I mentioned how a member of our audio club owns a full MBL system and how all of the members love the system but believe that MBL is out of their price level. If they were more aware of MC they might be able to get similar performance at a much more affordable range, however most had probably never heard of the line. The name is not known at all in the US, but it should be.

He relayed back that they are in search of a new distributor in the US. Their former retired and left them with no distribution in the US. Their equipment may be bought straight from the website.

We discussed the need to promote MC in the US. We also discussed ideas to updating the website to make it more accessible for US purchases (pricing, downloadable information, manuals, etc.).

Sven said he will try to get some information to me so I can have it available for our next audio club meeting.

Anyway, I thought it was a very interesting conversation and thought some on here might like to hear about it.