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  1. Re: In Stereo With Mike & Rick - A New Podcast Series

    Insightful interview with Nelson. I get the impression he is happy on the ranch doing his projects and enjoying life.
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    Re: need advice!

    Atoll is a high value French brand, the player likely sounds pretty good. If the Marantz 15 is the unit from the Reference line it is an excellent table and would have to spend quite a bit to best...
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    Re: need advice!

    He will need efficient speakers to fill that space or the subs.

    Agreed, an all-in-one unit would be best bang for the buxk. Something like the Parasound Halo integrated, this will leave you...
  4. Re: In Stereo With Mike & Rick - A New Podcast Series

    CCan you post new show links in this thread or any other way to find them if you are not a YouTube subscriber? I know I may be the only person in the world, LOL
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    Re: Rest in peace Olivia Newton John

    Pretty cool a signed CD.

  6. Re: MOFI One Stepís - is it tape or digital? The big debate

    Did you all notice the website referenced in to WaPo article where the guy analyzes all the various formats of an album, seems like that would be a good source for starts.
  7. Re: Easy/Painless Way To Switch Between Amps ??

    When I had two separate systems using the same speakers, one stereo and the other HT, I had 2 sets of cables with bananas on the speakers end and just swapped out to which system I was going to use.
  8. Re: Never would have done it without the dealer!!

    Welcome to the group.

    I'm not aware of that dealer and those brands being available here.
  9. Re: Audio shows ó big room or a little room?

    Some of the large speakers wouldn't sound good unless in a large room. It seems to make sense to rent a room to fit the system you are showing.

    The only time I remember the room size mattering...
  10. Re: In Stereo With Mike & Rick - A New Podcast Series

    I enjoyed the show. Pretty cool Mike has his ultra high end system and Rick has L100's and vintage gear, the show should appeal to a wide range of audio enthusiast.

    Talking about collecting took...
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    Re: Turmoil Returns To Krell

    At AXPONA Krell was showing a new version of ksa-250 "XD" that they were really proud of and hiping. I personally thought the amp should have had a different name as it's not the same topology as...
  12. Re: Active Speakers - will this time be different?

    I'm not sure if I heard the same year demo as you, it didn't take long to switch systems, I think they just shared the source, I thought the active system sounded better. In fact, that active system...
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    Re: Hi from Italy

    Hello & welcome
  14. Re: Active Speakers - will this time be different?

    I thought the YG active speakers sounded very good when I heard them.

    If I went active ATC would be at the top of my list.

    Someone mentioned price ratio, not sure how they do it but seems...
  15. Re: Loudspeakercables (12x) Blindtest, measurements, music samples

    I'm not familiar with that brand. You'd have to hear your brand compared to know whether an upgrade would be worth the expense.
  16. Re: Loudspeakercables (12x) Blindtest, measurements, music samples

    You said a microphone cheap or not records the same way. What part of the camera would you say records the sound that accompanies the video?
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    Re: B&W 801 D4 +Humboldt

    You're right, it's a mess. In my state sales tax even varies between townships..
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    Re: JVC Hand Shake Issues

    Your HDMI needs to be high speed to the level to carry 4k and if a long run either active or a booster used.

    Make sure all firmware is updated.

    Also, do some web searches for HDMI and your...
  19. Re: Loudspeakercables (12x) Blindtest, measurements, music samples

    What cables do you use currently?
  20. Re: Loudspeakercables (12x) Blindtest, measurements, music samples

    Same camera for each listen, it's consistent, what's your point? If the configuration was the same for each cable and a difference heard, then there's a difference.
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    Re: Change t'table and arm for Clearaudio MC?

    I can't answer your question directly. The two brands have different sound characters so adding CA to Linn would be interesting.

    Clear Audio has a sound that is very quiet and free of noise and...
  22. Re: Loudspeakercables (12x) Blindtest, measurements, music samples

    I belong to some music forums and share a lot of things from YouTube. If the difference is noticeable you should be able to hear it on YouTube but not to the extent as in real life.

    I can hear...
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    Re: New System Improvements

    I personally like Ortofon, the Black is quite good. I don't know enough about your table to suggest anything different.

    I'm not that familiar with Audioquest. I got my USB cable with my ACS10, I...
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    Re: Auralic G2.1 Digital Stack

    A friend has the 2.1, he added the Sirius and it made a very noticeable upgrade in SQ.
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    Re: What are you listening to tonight ?

    In Sink by Dirty Dishes

    Surprisingly there are a few bands with the name Dirty Dishes and Tidal has them mixed up so check for the album name. I found a couple earlier albums by the band under...
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