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    Re: Fyne Audio at RMAF

    I love what they're doing, but why the heck would they go to a show with unbroken-in speakers? With a very limited window to make a splash, and when everything has to gel, that makes no sense. That's...
  2. Thread: Magico rack?

    by mulveling

    Re: Magico rack?

    The Critical Mass Olympus is a lot more expensive than their former-top-line Maxxum, and relatively on par with the Magico rack's pricing.
  3. Re: Suncoast Audio welcomes Fyne Audio, SimAudio and Hi-Fi Man.

    Nice! If these had come out 2 years ago, when I built my current system, I'd be ALL OVER it. As it is I'll be keeping an eye on these. Thanks for the info and impressions!
  4. Re: Suncoast Audio welcomes Fyne Audio, SimAudio and Hi-Fi Man.

    Wow! Very nice to hear. Just curious, what ballpark price are the F-10 and F-12 running in? My current Canterbury GR could be the speakers for me to the finish line (haha, I've said that a couple...
  5. Re: Suncoast Audio welcomes Fyne Audio, SimAudio and Hi-Fi Man.

    As a lifelong (well, almost as long as my audiophile portion of my life) Tannoy lover, I'm really interested in what Fyne does. I see they've added some new higher-end models since I last checked...
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    Re: Headphones, got any favorites?

    I wanted to hate the HiFiMan Susvara so bad, but finally got to borrow them, and have to admit they blew me away. Those $6K Susvaras out of just a $2K amplifier (Headamp GS-X mini) almost, ALMOST...
  7. Re: How bad an idea is a new Amp or Integrate before deciding on Speakers?

    VAC Sigma 160i integrated amps are available used around 5K-ish, sound fantastic, can be fitted with a killer phono stage (if you're into vinyl), and seem to work extremely well with a wide variety...
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    Re: What do you use to clean stylus?

    Magic Eraser each session. Dip stylus in & carefully rotate the ME piece back & forth around it to "scrub". Long bristle brush, from various angles against the stylus (especially with bristles...
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    Re: VAC Statement Phono

    I'm sitting at the kid's table, relatively speaking, but my VAC Renaissance SE phono stage has been blowing me away since I got it over a year ago. I always hear magic from a VAC phono stage, even...
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    Re: How to get rid of 'Hiss' from preamp

    The hiss you describe is most likely the noise floor of the preamp, not a power or shielding issue. I have high sensitivity speakers (96 dB/Watt), and it can be a frustrating struggle to find a...
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    Re: Turntable Spindle size

    I have an older Master Innovation (produced within a year of its introduction) and the spindle is on a little puck that just pops right out, making it easy to mount tight records away from the...
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    Re: Why no turntable?

    I started in vinyl with a really solid rig (SOTA Star, Benz Glider), and back when I still didn't have too solid of a digital media collection (well before streaming). The vinyl collection quickly...
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    Re: Coat Hanger Cables

    It's true the question of effectiveness of cable upgrade vs. money spent, is a good one. But again, many of us have evolved our systems to where we're settled (relatively) on the major components,...
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    Re: Coat Hanger Cables

    I also like how they completely downplay/ignore the potential effect of up to 1 dB deviations. I'm sure they're quite happy with their systems and cheapie cables, but why pretend to be an audiophile...
  15. Re: Tube Phono Stage MC MM not happy with the loudness of the MM

    Assuming that weird 9.6dB gain listed is a misprint - sounds like it could be a loading / impedance mismatch issue. Is your loading set to the 600 ohm or 100K ohms position (listed in specs)? Or is...
  16. Re: Schiit Audio Yggdrasil Analog 2 DAC - Review

    Yay another professional review full of weak and meaningless assertions like this:

    WHAT are some of the DACs the author considers shrill?

    And this:

    WHAT are some of the "best of the best"...
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    Re: Tax mess resolved

    I got absolutely reamed on taxes for my stock options. Very sad to see 50% evaporate in 2017's tax year for what in actuality was a reward for the past 10 years' worth of my hard work (just in time...
  18. Re: Is it Time To Allocate More Money To Speakers on a Digital set up?

    I'm currently at a small percentage of system cost on speakers - roughly 20%. That's even without any digital source to speak of (vinyl only). But it's easily the most crucial piece to "get right"...
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    Re: What does it take?

    I started out in the headphone side and indeed it was difficult to replicate the cohesive, liquid flow of music from great headphones. You need to experiment with different speaker brands and...
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    Re: Critical mass center stage 2 footers

    Yep the settling period is the main "problem" with them. There are reports of needing 10 days of time to fully settle (and roughly 2x longer for the original CS) - with the additional requirement...
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    Re: VAC + Magico (New System Pics)

    Room and gear is beyond gorgeous! Great choice of racks too!
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    Re: Hegel - Made In China - Who Cares?

    I've softened a lot on my stance with high-end audio products made in China. There are companies that take what are essentially Chinese products, designed (if you can call it that) and made by...
  23. Re: If I Were To Get Started In This Hobby Today...

    Having been in the hobby only for the last 15 or so years, I have to agree in general - it seems like a much higher proportion of the current gear being sold today actually sounds good. This is...
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    Re: Koetsu Rosewood Signature Platinum

    Several years ago I had just upgraded in quick succession from Kontrapunkt "c" to Jubilee to Windfeld MC, and then I heard my first Koetsu - an old Onyx Signature. I was blown away. Since then,...
  25. Re: I still Jones for gear for my home system....

    I love the VAC Renaissance SE phono. It was worth spending almost twice what I thought I'd ever drop on a phono stage. If the Statement were at all close to reachable for me I'd do it, but sadly it's...
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