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    Re: Why suddenly all the junk mail?

    that's what happens when you visit the Russian brides websites :) I have noticed a 50% increase in phishing emails over the last month or so. they're either spoof emails or a Trojan disguised as...
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    Re: Magnepan LRS loudspeaker Review

    I was at the Schiitr yesterday picking some new toyz and they had LRSes in their main sound room driven by Aegirs strapped in mono. sublime.

    LRSes are the audiophile equivalent of the pet rock.
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    Re: TechDas Air Force V

    But how many have air bearing main platters, vacuum hold down and can support four arms? No one else has that feature set for the price
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    Re: RIP - Neil Peart

    RIP Neal. He was one of the very best to ever beat the sticks, I feel fortunate to have seen Rush's shows when they were at the height of their powers.
  5. Re: The vagaries of buying/selling used gear

    I stumbled onto this disclaimer by a seller on Audiomart I thought was too funny...

    "This piece is drug-and disease-free. No pets, no smoking, no children anywhere near this amp. Occasionally a...
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    Re: Honda Pilot VS VW Atlas

    I leased two different CX9s in the recent past, what do you like about them?
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    Re: Honda Pilot VS VW Atlas

    It Looks sweet...
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    Re: Honda Pilot VS VW Atlas

    I'm not surprised they're laying off mechanics. 77% of BMWs are leased for 2-3 years and few go back into circulation as CPOs. Most are auctioned off by finance cos. at places like Manheim in So...
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    Re: Is there a characteristic McIntosh sound?

    If anything there are McIntosh owners, like Corvette owners (to use a car analogy) that think the sun rises and sets over their chosen brand...only to be outdone by Klipsch owners. And please, I have...
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    Re: What are you listening to tonight ?

    I have the vinyl of this as a box set. Its scarce from what I can tell, but if you like Afro-Brazilian beats and themes its worth seeking out. Besides, Airto is a legend, I saw him back on the day...
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    Re: NPR - 25 best albums of 2019 ...

    I like their arts and entertainment coverage (tiny desk concerts, film week, the frame, TED radio hour) the rest of it is noise.
  12. Thread: Magico M2

    by puroagave

    Re: Magico M2

    Thats very cool. In a former hobby/work-life I assisted a guy building a Glasair III. I've work with wet layup parts vacuum bagged in a negative molds. prepreg composites like Magico uses that are...
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    Re: 2019 - How did it shape up?

    What hasn't changed during 2019 is my general preference for tube amplification and analog sources. Having owned Kii Threes over the past year gave me a newfound appreciation for DSP and active...
  14. Thread: Speakers

    by puroagave

    Re: Speakers

    it's your cognitive bias at work. Synergy, as in they play well together (speakers and electronics from same manufacturer) is a given. "voicing" is a feel good term marketing people came up with to...
  15. Re: What was your first high-end component ever?

    I owned Duetta Sigs around the same time. I started with Rowland Research Model 3s (great amps) and moved the up the Krell range starting with a KSA-80B.
  16. Re: What was your first high-end component ever?

    I still own a bevy of "chrome bumper" Naim gear from back in the day (Nait I, Nac-32.5, HiCap, NAP-90, NAP-110 and NAP-160) I've owned all of the classic Spendors (BC-1, BC-3, SP1/2, SP100 and 15 ohm...
  17. Re: Looking for really good tube amp repair technicians (on Long Island, preferably) ....

    I never used this guy but he gets a lot of attention...Herb Reichert interviewed him as well.
  18. Re: What was your first high-end component ever?

    Magnepan IIc, ca 1986 or thereabouts. Driven by a Bryston 3B and Kinergetics KDC-20 CDP, the one with a built in volume control--cutting edge digital for the day until the Cal Audio Labs tubed CD...
  19. Re: Positive-Feedback 2019 Product of the Year Awards

    My fav, $1000 USD (not Monopoly money) for headshell leads.
  20. Re: Avalon Acoustics - Are they still relevant/competitive ?

    He was. I attended the CES when he debuted the Ascent, he was showing with Jeff Rowland. It was unique at the time with 6 inch thick front baffles and bank vault-like enclosures (albeit, HDF) that...
  21. Re: Avalon Acoustics - Are they still relevant/competitive ?

    whats beryllium then?
  22. Re: Do Magenpan speakers have a crossover network?

    Its recessed into the bottom part of the frame. larger models house them in an outboard enclosure.
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    Re: New!!! Klipsch Cornwall IV .....

    Sean of Zero Fidelity reviews the Cornwall IV. I settled on tubes for now, Quicksilver Horn Monos to be specific. The softer treble of the Quickie balances the Klipsch's tendancy towards a zippy top...
  24. Re: Suncoast Audio goes to the EXTREME - MBL XTreme Reference System

    Amazing evening!! thanks for sharing. if your guests were short for words or left speechless, i not surprised. The Xtremes are among the very best regardless of cost. If i were looking at the Wilson...
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    Re: New!!! Klipsch Cornwall IV .....

    My pair landed yesterday and they're currently burning in. I have them face to face wired out of phase, been driving them with pink noise for the last 24 hrs. I'm getting ready to leave the house to...
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