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  1. Re: Devialet Expert Pro 140 (no pre out) and Subwoofer

    The Devialet Expert 220 Pro and Expert 250 Pro units have pre-out that can be configured for summed mono subwoofer output. Unfortunately the Expert 140 Pro that Projectman has does not. Peter's...
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    Re: Subs for Ultra Fast Speakers

    One could also characterize a fast subwoofer based on group delay and decay measurements. Independent of any integration with other speakers.
  3. Re: Question: MSB Reference DAC - XLR to RCA output.

    I'd only be speculation on my part to guess as to why they are recommending their adapters over other options. But using a transformer is an easy way to convert when the cold pin needs a load and...
  4. Re: Question: MSB Reference DAC - XLR to RCA output.

    Jensen transformers are excellent (which is why I used the in the D100) but will not have perfect signal fidelity as it performs the XLR to RCA conversion.

    The best option for you will likely...
  5. Re: Measuring Power Grid Interference in Practice

    That type of noise is why I included a 2-stage line filter in the Neko Audio DAC I designed. I kept around a fluorescent lamp with a noisy ballast specifically for testing purposes.

    As for noise...
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    Re: Roon lifetime price increase to $699

    Just a thought, but maybe the differences in sound quality opinion are in some way related to whether or not you are using a Roon Ready renderer independent of the Roon Core computer, or whether or...
  7. Re: Lumin App (iOS) frequently hangs; requires kill and restart

    Are you using iOS 13.2.0 - 13.2.2? Apple fixed an issue with background apps in 13.2.3. Of course there appear to be other iOS 13.2.3 issues but I wonder if that might be the problem for you.
  8. Re: Behaviour of the Lumin app using Lumin renderer

    I haven't tried using the Lumin app to interface with the ND8006 via any combination of software. I've only tried using the ND8006 from an iOS app with HEOS and AirPlay. With the Lumin app and the...
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    Re: Need help to choose the right Lumin

    As it happens, we have a D2 right next to an ND8006. Since you haven't described a need for the different digital output options of the U1 Mini, the D2 essentially lets you use it as both a streamer...
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    Re: Magico M3 vs Focal....

    If considering a Bryston SP-4, I think it would be wise to also look at a Trinnov Altitude16.
  11. Re: Replacing Amp - Where In-Wall Volume Controls are NOT Wired to Speakers

    What kind of connection do the external volume controls use? Bose still has products for that type of install listed on the Bose pro audio web site, and there's also stuff like this C2G Compact...
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    Re: Forum Problems

    Here are the following errors I have captured from Mac Chrome Browser:

    1. 404 for
    2. Blocked mixed content...
  13. Thread: Discogs

    by NekoAudio

    Re: Discogs

    I don't think you can unless you know the exact UPC number or something similar. The only filters for searching the marketplace are the ones listed on the side.
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    Re: Forum Problems

    The mixed-mode error is gone now. There are still some warnings, 404 errors, and a request for a Google Adwords JavaScript script was blocked, but none of those appear to be breaking any...
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    Re: Forum Problems

    I also received an expired certificate for the hostname. A new certificate appears to be running now, with a not-valid-before of yesterday. However I am still getting mixed-mode...
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    Re: Are subwoofers bad for music?

    Crossover point and phase setting at the crossover point (often confirmed by checking for constructive or destructive interference) is only part of the story. The other setting that needs to be set...
  17. Re: Why no waveguide for the M series' tweeters

    I think the general term waveguide is used to describe making choices in the geometry of the surface into which a driver is mounted. From that perspective, there is a design to the M-series tweeter's...
  18. Re: Best preamps ? Manley Steelhead or Atmasphere MP 1 ?

    Sounds like your question about curves is not about useful but rather a requirement given your existing records. If you don't use a matching curve, your treble and bass will be several dB off...
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    Re: Latest Magico Newsletter

    In my experience Trinnov, Dirac, and similar approaches to correct phase and impulse response in the digital domain result in significant audible improvements. I highly recommend people give it a...
  20. Re: Best preamps ? Manley Steelhead or Atmasphere MP 1 ?

    Both excellent options IMO. Do you have records that would need different equalization curves? I personally don't have a single record that doesn't use RIAA.

    You may also want to look at VTL, as...
  21. Re: Question about using USB for data input and out to DAC

    I'm not 100% sure and it's probably best to ask on the JRiver forum, but having JRiver load all the data into memory just means the full audio data is in RAM on your computer (where JRiver is...
  22. Re: Question about using USB for data input and out to DAC

    USB Audio uses a different variation of the protocol than USB Data.

    USB Data has packet error detection and retransmission, just like Ethernet or your hard disk and provide delivery and data...
  23. Re: Magico A3 owners - what is your speaker cable of choice?

    We're using the Acoustic Zen Epoch and Hologram II speaker cables.
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    Re: Small Bathroom System

    We are using the Devialet Phantom Reactor for a bathroom setup. It's small, just requires a power plug, and is easy to use with AirPlay.
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    Re: Lumin Amazon HiRes Audio Streaming

    LUMIN being an actual consumer electronics (CE) product instead of a general purpose computer in a nicer looking enclosure is one thing I find very attractive, from a product perspective. I have done...
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