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    Source Comparisons

    I was over to a friend's house doing some listening to his system. He had a CD of an artist I'm not familiar withso forgot the name already, anyway, healso had the CD rip and the track was on Qobuz....
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    Re: NAIM, flying under the radar?

    I agree the Naim I've heard has always been great. I do think in the beginning Naim being mostly proprietary may have held them back along with their different approaches noted in your post. As...
  3. Re: Luxman L-595A Special Edition finally arrives !!!

    Congrats Joe, how does it compare with the M33
  4. Re: Having An Issue with playing MQA from Tidal

    Received an update, ending in 345, fixed the MQA issue. Maybe my imagination but seems Tidal is sounding better after the update.
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    Re: new amp on the way

    Glad the amp settled in for you. It amazes me how many amp designers claim no break in is needed.

    I only had one Pass power amp, it had the nice T shape handles to tighten down on wire or spades....
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    Re: Is there Life after Rock and Roll?

    I hear SF has extremely high cost of living. Royalties must not bring much income in.

    I expected musicians would give lessons or do session work, just didn't picture carpet cleaning. Then...
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    Re: What are you listening to tonight ?

    Planetary Space Child byRuby The Hatchet
  8. Re: How Force Cancelling Driver Technology Eliminates Cabinet Vibrations

    I wonder if one of these driver technics is what Audio Physics does.
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    Re: Vinyl Cleaning Question

    Same I've always heard to clean first as new albums will have debry from cutting and handling, etc.
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    Re: Classic Classé

    Welcome. As long as the gear is serving well and you still enjoy it, might as well be content. I admire that, LOL Says a lot for the Classe product as well.
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    Re: What are you listening to tonight ?

    Rambling Boy by Charlie Haden Family & Friends ( A must for Americana Fans )
    Never Ending January by Espen Eriksen Trio ( beautiful piano and interesting drums )
    Cold on the Shoulder by Tony Rice...
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    Re: Hola from Spain

    Hello & welcome
  13. Thread: Nightmare!

    by Mr Peabody

    Re: Nightmare!

    If in your budget look at Hifiman wireless.

    Not heard Shure but they are typically flat in response which I consider a good thing. The Grado wireless got good reviews and they typically have a...
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    Re: Hello from Iowa

    Hello and welcome.

    It is easy to add an outboard phono stage for your amp, so many options. Your gear may not be so outdated and typically can be easily integrated into current tech.

    What amp...
  15. Re: Comparing Qobuz and Tidal, what are your experiences?

    I need to try Qobuz, I am just a procrastinator. And, I have heard others mention Qobuz lacks some in Rock and other areas of the library that I'd listen to.

    I am surprised you found AAC from...
  16. Having An Issue with playing MQA from Tidal

    Lastnight I tried playing a track from Tidal on my ACS10, it went into the Q, "Play" switched to "Pause" then back to "Play". I tapped the title name in Q, nothing.

    I tried plaing a track from...
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    Re: Subwoofer setup with AVR and stereo amp

    So you switch speaker cables at the back of your mains to the systemyou will be listening too? I used to do that when my 2-channel system was tubes. In that case you need a sub with two inputs if...
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    Re: Subwoofer setup with AVR and stereo amp

    Check to see if your SVS has two separate inputs, my PC13 Ultra does. Use the input with no crossover for the receiver and the crossover input for your integrated.

    If not, I'd leave the sub on...
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    Re: Picked Up A Transport

    I can add an album to the cue and play it in it's entirety but to my surprise it did feel different going over and loadng the disc, sitting down and hitting play, maybe nostalgia for the ritual, who...
  20. Re: Known Factory wiring fault in SOME McIntosh MC611 monobloc amps

    Something I remember being told by an insider recently and how manufacturers sometimes might deal with an issue.

    There was a piece that had a firmware bug, I can't remember what unit it was but...
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    Picked Up A Transport

    I thought it might be nice to have a transport to have around for playing CD's or if someone brought one over to listen. It takes a good 5 to 10 minutes to rip, or, if my internet went down etc. It...
  22. Re: Does size matter? Capacitors - few big vs many smaller

    My amp 532h is one that has banks of small caps, typical Levinson amps use the large can type. I need to find the white paper but going from memory the small caps has something to do with speed and...
  23. Re: Known Factory wiring fault in SOME McIntosh MC611 monobloc amps

    Mental distress, is a good point. I think most of us go a bit crazy when something isn't right in our system.

    I know when my amp breaks and has to go into service I lose my mind and start buying...
  24. Re: Thoughts on Harman Future/present electronics

    To my knowledge Levinson is only OEM in the auto sound but it's their bread & butter.

    George the 536 & 534 are really good, IMO.

    If you look at used listings you cantell Levinson may be losing...
  25. Re: Known Factory wiring fault in SOME McIntosh MC611 monobloc amps

    Man, I know you guys love you some Mac but give the guy a break. He's only sharing his experience and information.

    I suspect no recall means the issue is limited or unknown as to how extensive. ...
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