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    Re: Pass XA160.8 vs Pass X600.8 ....

    Curious if you had the 350.8 checked out. That doesn't sound like typical Pass behavior. I remember Mike saying the 350.8 was the sweetspot in the line, that could have only been referring to sound...
  2. Thoughts on Harman Future/present electronics

    I really had a tough time thinking of a title. It is just my thought or caution.
    I have noticed that since Harman has acquired Arcam that technology has been implemented into every electronics...
  3. Re: Tidalís New Lossless Tier Says Goodbye to MQA

    I wonder how Tidal will implement this with current customers. Will they receive a notice to choose the new tier.....
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    Re: Jeff Fritz on Magico Vs Revel

    Has anyone heard both? It would be an interesting shoot out. I do like the Magico sound.

    I have yet to hear the Revel 328b but I have not been overly impressed with their new direction in sound.
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    Re: Hello my name i Robbie im from brazil

    Hello & welcome. The owner would have to answer your question. We are an audio gear forum mostly and you may be better served by a forum where musicians hang out.
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    Re: Legacy Audio?

    A good friend has Legacy, he had the Focus SE for years and now has theV. I thought the Focus were outstanding for the money, meaning they could hold their own with other brands $20k models.

  7. Re: Review: Cambridge Audio Edge A Integrated Amplifier: A Complete Package

    2019 Axpona Cambridge was hyped on their Edge series. They had the Edge pieces driving a smallish set of B&W. I wasn't impressed, it sounded like the Cambridge sound if yu're into that. Maybe side...
  8. Re: What do you hear different using Balanced XLR Cables?

    Hi-fi manufacturers that do not use differentially balanced circuits typically might offer a XLR input/output for convenience but I doubt any audible difference could be heard between the two as the...
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    Anyone else notice this?

    Recently I noticed when I open Conductor Tidal is not showing as an option. If I go into settings check streaming options then close settings Tidal will then appear where it normally shows.
  10. Re: Danny Richie tears apart the Dynaudio Special 40s

    I find this very surprising. I wonder if it's du to the current ownership. I believe 3.4's would be under the original Dynaudio though, depends on which version I suppose.

    I've heard stories of...
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    Re: Hello from the Netherlands.

    Hello & welcome. Nice system
  12. Re: Is Teac trickle down from Esoteric? Teac PD-501HR CD Player

    The Esoteric and TEAC relation has always baffled me. They are opposite ends of the market.

    When I worked audio we used to sell their cassette decks and some were very good. The rest of their...
  13. Re: Known Factory wiring fault in SOME McIntosh MC611 monobloc amps

    That had to be maddening. Thankfully, your dealer and tech listened to you and helped to locate the issue.
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    Re: Listening at Suncoast

    Just curious why not Pass monos with the pre?

    I suspect the Classe to be not so polite for Rock which could be a benefit..
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    Re: Yamaha M-80, First big amp

    Another reasonable priced new preamp is Schiit Freya. They have another even cheaper
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    Re: Yamaha M-80, First big amp

    What is your budget for a preamp and what sources will you use for listening?

    An older Conrad Johnson preamp used would be a nice match. Adcom on the used market is a good value. Quite a few...
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    Re: Bi-amping with one amplifier

    Correct, no issues. You could use two sets of cables going from setB to the speaker low end posts ad A to the high end posts, for example. Be sur to remove the connecters on your speaker, sometimes...
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    Re: Aurender drop out problem

    Pick up at post #54
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    Re: Bi-amping with one amplifier

    Welcome to AS.

    The main benefit is to eliminate the jumpers that connect the binding posts. I recently done that and it was a nice improvement. The amp I started with had two sets of binding...
  20. Re: Preamp for Díagostino progression power amp

    You have nice components, why replace the preamp? The 680D looks to be a capable unit but of your components that would be the one I'd look to upgrade or try and external DAC to hear if any...
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    Re: No Network Connection

    If the digital input of h 7703 works then you know you could use the Node or other device you ordered.
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    Re: Gryphon News

    Anyone know if Krell still makes speakers? I remember back in the 90's they came out with a speaker line and the scenario of trying to force them on dealers sounds familiar.
  23. Re: Heads-up, changes en route: Adding AudioNetís engineering-marvel Humboldt to the system

    The rviews have me excited to just be able to hear this amp someday and you get to own it... nice.Ö.. I hope they make it to some of the audio shows.
  24. Re: Heads-up, changes en route: Adding AudioNetís engineering-marvel Humboldt to the system

    I have an empty shelf in my rack if you'd like me to store the 511 for you.
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    Re: No Network Connection

    I can't believe that information to be accurate, I would try one of the coax or optical input using something you have around for transport. I can't understand how a network circuit/chip whatever...
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