I'm trying to produce the sound quality found in the video below for voice over work. I'm looking for a preamp as my next purchase but I'm also looking for a good compressor as well.

Here's what I have right now

Mic - Shure sm7b (I'm using a cloudlifter with it)
Mixer - Yamaha Mg10Xu
I've also treated the walls in my room.

I don't know exactly how to describe the sound I'm looking for other than I want something as close to the video example as possible. There's a nice bassy depth to it yet the voice is coming through clearly.

Another thing I'm struggling with is mouth clicks. I drink enough water and stay hydrated when I'm recording auditions but they still often come through and they're a pain to edit out. I've even placed the mic in different positions and it's helped but some mouth clicks still come through.

Right now I'm able to produce that sort of bassy sound but it sounds very muddy compared to the example. And when I turn up the hi-end it helps some but I start getting those mouth clicks and other noises I'm looking to avoid. Any preamp and compressor suggestions for this would be excellent. My budget at the moment would be about $1000.

(sorry I'm new here and can't post links) Example Video: youtube.com/watch?v=0TdN0cW2ALQ&t