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    Bryston Power Components

    I currently own a PS Audio P12 that cant keep up with my system despite the fact it was what they recommended based on my system. I'm not happy with PS due to customer service issues and am looking to change brands. I've seen lots of comments here about their products as well as Shunyata. What I dont see anything on or very little is the Bryston (Torus) products and was wondering if there is anyone here that has had experience with those.

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    Re: Bryston Power Components

    The Bryston / Torus products are workhorses when it comes to power isolation and high-quality regulation, filtration, and protection. They're not really "fancy", so I think that's why there's less chatter.
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    Re: Bryston Power Components

    I have been using a Bryston Bit15 for several years. Workhorse is a great term for these units. No better toroidal transformers than Plitron.

    I’m certain that there are amps that might be limited by the Bit15 (there is a Bit20…)

    I have my (wimpy) amps plugged into a dedicated 20 amp circuit. The Bryston powers my sources and pre-amp.

    It’s a good bit heavy, but very recommended
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    Re: Bryston Power Components

    I have used two Bryston BIT20 power conditioners for the past six years. They have been absolutely bulletproof and I leave them on 24/7; I only turn them off when I go on vacation and unplug the entire system from the outlets.

    The use of isolation power transformers to remove AC noise is well established. I have never used Shunyata conditioners, but I have used the Audioqeust Niagara 5000 which did absolutely nothing in my system. In contrast, the BIT20 actual removed high frequency noise from the upper most audio band and did make listening more enjoyable.

    Highly recommended.

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    Re: Bryston Power Components

    Here is a look inside of a Shunyata power conditioner.

    Shunyata Denali 6000/T Power Conditioner Now Available in UK | StereoNET United Kingdom

    I will let you draw your own conclusions...

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    Re: Bryston Power Components

    Yep, Bryston makes highest quality equipment.

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    Re: Bryston Power Components

    I have a Torus RM20 for probably around 20 years. Where I used to live, a couple of friends worked at a stereo shop. One of them hated amps plugged into any power conditioners. I came in and he said you have to hear this. He was using Ayre monoblocks and I heard music with the amps both plugged into the wall and into the Torus. It was almost as much difference as going from CD to SACD.

    When I built the current house (around 11 years back), I had 50 amps worth of circuits put in for the system (which is an integrated AV system). The Torus is plugged into its own 20 amp receptacle and mostly the 2-channel stuff is plugged into the Torus. I have two 15 amp circuits for the home theater stuff.
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    Re: Bryston Power Components

    I've had a BIT15 for years. Great piece of gear

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Bryston Power Components

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