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    Burning Amp is a Virtual Event for 2021

    Burning Amp 2021 will be held this year, Saturday, Oct. 16, and Sunday, Oct. 17, as a virtual event via Zoom.

    Times are Noon - 3 PM PDT (GMT-7) each day.

    Confirmed speakers and their preliminary topics:

    Steven Dear: Audio Perception
    Demian Martin: New Tools and Techniques for Audio Measurement
    Andrew Jones: Issues in Loudspeaker Design

    Michael Rothacher: Weird Amps
    Nelson Pass: Current Topics (including a new Build Camp amplifier design).

    Tickets for the virtual event are at Evenbrite, and cost a whopping 10 bucks.
    Link here: Burning Amp Festival '21 Tickets, Sat, Oct 16, 2021 at 11:30 AM | Eventbrite

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    Re: Burning Amp is a Virtual Event for 2021

    PING: Just a reminder that Burning Amp is a virtual event this year and folks can attend via Zoom for a measly ten bucks.

    Link here: Eventbrite

    Be mindful that the link to the Zoom event is in your Burning Amp Eventbrite Order Confirmation email; however the link to the Zoom meeting is at the very bottom of your confirmation email, under the Additional Information page. If you don't scroll all the way down in your Mail app, you may not see this third "page", so be sure to check scroll to the bottom for the page containing the link to the Burning Amp Zoom meeting (note: link url not shown).

    Attendees then need to click the link in that email to complete their advance registration via Zoom's web page to obtain the actual link to the Zoom call, once they've registered.

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Burning Amp is a Virtual Event for 2021

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