Redbook Performance of Oppo UDP-203 4K Ultra? Redbook Performance of Oppo UDP-203 4K Ultra?
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    Redbook Performance of Oppo UDP-203 4K Ultra?

    Oppo's only current model of disk player is aimed at home theatre, of course. But it has been proposed to me by a fellow Shark that this model could serve a high-end 2-channel system well as a Redbook CD player. Build quality is superb. And I am told the DAC is surprisingly good. Has anyone heard the 203 playing CDs on a high-end system who can endorse the product?

    I need a CD player for an aunt. I've been trolling for a used Bryston BCD-1. But my friend is telling me that the Oppo is likely better for the money, the warranty, and even perhaps the DAC (since the BCD-1 is many years old now). If you've heard one, your input is kindly requested.
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    Re: Redbook Performance of Oppo UDP-203 4K Ultra?

    I have mine is a secondary system used mostly for HT (B&W P6s as mains, Emotiva XPA200 amp and Sherbourn Pre-1 preamp). I had mine go back for service (a bad board) but before that I did listen to some files via the NAS in my office. It's a bit more refined than the old BDP-103D (which I moved to the master bedroom and I also have a 103D in the main system just for video). There are no longer drives available for the BCD-1. I owned a BCD-1 many moons ago (then had a BDA-1 DAC, then a Meitner MA-1 DAC and down an EMM Labs DAC 2X). So I would be wary of buying a used one. I've not had the BCD-1 in the current house or system where I have the UDP-203 but can tell you if the goal was just CD playback, I'd look at something else. For example - Obviously if one wants more than CD playback the Oppo has many features.

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