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    OPPO Still Supports BDP-95

    I have a old OPPO bdp-95 that I use as a cd transport to my DAC (honestly I can barely tell the difference when I A/B the balanced analog out to my McIntosh pre amp and the PS audio directstream . There is a difference but it’s subtle both sound excellent.
    My point here I decided to hook the HDMI out to my McIntosh MX100 for watching some DVD’s and Blu-ray’s I have along with some home movies I have on DVD-R. The picture played fine but no audio . Water trying everything I could think of I emailed OPPO and within a few minutes customer support emailed me a link to download a firmware update onto a usb drive . I plugged usb drive and did the firmware update and the sound works perfectly. So I wanted to share this is remarkably good customer service on a disk player that is over 10 years old !
    None of my disks are better than 1080p so I never upgraded to a 4 k player.

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    Re: OPPO Still Supports BDP-95

    I have 2 93s and have had good service and responses after they stopped selling them. Glad you had a good experience also. Shame they stopped making great players.

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    Re: OPPO Still Supports BDP-95

    That's great to hear. I've got a BDP-95 in Wisconsin and a BDP-205 here in Colorado and both are working just fine. Glad they're still supporting their legacy products.

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    Re: OPPO Still Supports BDP-95

    I have 2 Oppo 203s that I use primarily for video playback from disk. Still the best ones out there. I even upgraded to a linear PSU in the one in my music room.

    I think if they had kept streamer apps on these boxes, particularly hooking it to an app store to keep up with advancing, and changing streaming options, they would have sold better.

    Now, I feel that we will all end up with video streaming from the TVs themselves, after the technology inside the TVs match the various HDMI output streamer boxes/dongles. Video will end up like music has.

    Good or Bad? depends on your perspective. I have not seen streaming from a TV un-buggy enough to compete with the Apple TVs that I tend to use. Roku is about the same. Less boxes, and cords are always welcome though, once the technology reaches the toaster level (microwaves can be complicated).
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    Re: OPPO Still Supports BDP-95

    I primarily use my Apple TV as my source for video as well in my HT processor.

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    Re: OPPO Still Supports BDP-95

    I still have a 93, 105, 203 . The 105 and 203 are used at least once a week. The 93 is in its factory box. Yep they still support them which is cool.
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OPPO Still Supports BDP-95

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