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    Is there Life after Rock and Roll?

    In 2019 we found a highly rated carpet cleaner in the East Bay (SF Bay Area), Larry's Extreme Clean. Did a great job. When he was here he was looking at my record and tape collection. I asked him whether he was a music fan. He said that he was a musician. I ask him about his career. He said he played with a local SF rock band, the Greg Kihn Band, based in the SF Bay Area, in the '70's and '80's. I went to my record collection, the part with all the Super Discs from the Absolute Sound magazine, chosen by their founder and long time editor Harry Pearson. It was the 45rpm single "Jeopardy" which was a best seller in 1982 (reaching number 2 on Billboard) from their album "Kihnspiracy". I looked at the back of the album, and there was his name, Larry Lynch, drummer (and vocals). He autographed it. He said he continued to play gigs after the Band folded in the mid '80's but started the carpet cleaning business. He'll be back in August to clean our carpets again.

    So if you live in the SF East Bay (he doesn't do SF, Marin or Peninsula), Larry is great and you can ask him about rock and roll. He owns the company and does all the work himself.

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    Re: Is there Life after Rock and Roll?

    Cool story! Is there Life after Rock and Roll?Is there Life after Rock and Roll?

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    Re: Is there Life after Rock and Roll?

    fantastic story!!

    big fan of the greg kihn band. the breakup song got a lot of air time on the radio in my car back in the day ...they don't write 'em like that any more.

    rockihnroll !!

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    Re: Is there Life after Rock and Roll?

    Great story. I always thought The Greg Kihn Band was from the Tampa Bay area. They played a lot around here.

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    Re: Is there Life after Rock and Roll?

    I hear SF has extremely high cost of living. Royalties must not bring much income in.

    I expected musicians would give lessons or do session work, just didn't picture carpet cleaning. Then again, when you think of how many musicians there must be.

    The band was big on MTV.

    Cool experience.
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    Re: Is there Life after Rock and Roll?

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Is there Life after Rock and Roll?

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