I thought I'd share some of the news from ModWright and their new product and modification offerings.

Some information about the new Elyse DAC and modification to the Sony HAP-Z1ES DSD music server have been posted in other threads.

Here is the link to the Sony HAP-Z1ES modification at the ModWright web site: ModWright Instruments | NEW SONY HAP-Z1ES TRUTH MOD!!!

The latest news is some more information about the new PH150 standalone tube phono stage:

The PH 150 is our new Reference Phono stage.

Max MC gain = 72dB; Max MM gain = 52dB (-6dB, -12dB (MM & MC) via front panel control).
MM Capacitive loading (6 steps) - front panel control.
MC Resistive loading (6 steps) - front panel control.
RCA/XLR outputs - switchable via rear panel toggle.
Mono/Stereo - switchable via front panel button.
Phase Switching - via rear panel toggle.

(1) Pair MM RCA inputs.
(1) Pair MC RCA inputs.
(1) Pair RCA outputs.
(1) Pair XLR outputs.

Tube Complement: (2) 6C45; (2) 6922.

Design topology: Lundahl transformer coupled, input and output.

Power supply: Pure SS, external.

Final production proto will be in use at Axpona Chicago show. Product release scheduled for June.

MSRP = $7995.