Arrival of new ModWright gear! Arrival of new ModWright gear!
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    Arrival of new ModWright gear!

    Very excited to report the arrival of several packages to my home yesterday:


    ModWright LS 300 fully balanced, dual mono preamplifier (just newly released), PH 9.0 tube phono stage (based on PH 36.5 and also newly released), and MWI tube modified Oppo UDP-205.

    I've been awaiting the design and build of the LS 300 for several years now. I really appreciate Dan allowing me to have first the LS100 and then the LS 36.5 on very extended loans. I'm very pleased to have unit #2 of the LS 300 (the first one went to a customer in Denmark, where it replaced a LS 36.5 DM preamp and outperformed both it and an ARC Ref 6 in his system).

    More system and setup pics, along with listening impressions, to follow!
    McIntosh MC501s, XRT29s, XR27, WS350s
    ModWright LS 300 preamplifier
    Denon AVR-A100 HT Receiver
    JL Audio F113 subs with CR-1 Crossover
    Schiit Audio Yggdrasil DAC
    Sonore Ultrarendu with Uptone Audio LPS-1.2
    Oppo UDP-205 with ModWright Signature Truth Tube Modifications
    Clearaudio Performance SE TT with Hana SL MC cartridge
    ModWright PH 9.0 phono stage
    ASC & RealTraps Panels; APS PurePower 2000; Daedalus Audio DiDs
    LAT International, Wireworld, WyWires Cables

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    Re: Arrival of new ModWright gear!

    Cool, Dan makes some nice stuff

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