Conversation Between NorthStar and Paul
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Conversation Between NorthStar and Paul

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  1. Yes Paul; things are going well enough for me.

    ...About you?

    * Glad that you show some sign of life!
  2. Hi Bob. Hope things are going well with you
  3. Paul, only one post in thirty days!!! ...Did you find a new life?
  4. Paul, wassup?
  5. Hi Paul,

    I used to spend roughly between $200 and $500 every single week on music and movies (CDs, DVDs). ...Anything to do with the emotional chords that vibrate inside us.

    It's not what we own or don't own, it's what we live for.
    And the common passion we all have here, and there, is the "Sound". ...The "Music".
    ...And it's everywhere, even outside in the trees, and in the air, and in the ground.

    ...And the degree, the level of our communication lets us explore all the young and older generations.

    Through our emotions and inspirations and dreams and passions, a lot of things is going on in the world, and it affects us all more or less in what drives us in the first place. Music can be an escape to the ugliness that happens here and there, and it can also be a complement to the happy things that's going on. There is a reality, and there are doors that are close and others that are open.

    Talking is one thing, doing another, living is the reality.

    - Wrote 500 characters too many.
  6. Bob... It's not that I'm busy or anything. I'm not interest in any more on gears or speakers so nothing to comment on that section.
    just love to listening more music. hehe... Purchased $ 500 worth of albums this month alone lol....I'm so happy with my current system. ( First time in 20 years )
  7. Hey Paul!

    I guess you have some other occupations nowadays, you keep a lower profile at the Shark's room.
    That was a nice music recording you just posted; it must sound fabulous from your system.

    I'm off for tonight, sweet dreams.
  8. Just dropped by say to "Hello"
  9. We all are pulling the strings of life, in one direction or another.
    And you're my friend too, and I'm your friend.
  10. Bob...Thanks for asking...I was feeling a bit under the weather for a while. ..sigh...
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