I love my MA900 but when I bought it it came with a DA1 board.

I bought a DA2 board but it has firmware 4.03 which causes stuttering on digital ports

I already flashed my MA9000 to firmware 2.03 and it works fine with the DA1 but as soon as I insert the DA2 board I have sound drop outs every 15 seconds.

I have read in the notice that came with the updater for the MA9000 that these stutterers are solved by applying frimware 4.12 or higher to the DA2 board.

But the link provided by Mcintosh that was in document has been deleted and does not work anymore.

Is there someone out there who can send me a new firmware for the DA2? I know how to flash it and need only the DA2.bin file.

Thank You in advance,