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    Re: Magenpan 3.7i - What amplifier ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Paul View Post
    I just acquired the 3.7i Magnepan speakers and trying to find the amps to go with, Will pair with my AirTight ATC2 tube preamp.

    Here are my 3 amplifiers on the short list.

    1. Bryston 4B3 ( goes up to 500 watts with 4ohms ) - $6000 MSRP

    2. Bryston 7B3 ( Mono with 900 watts)-$12,000 MSRP

    3. PassLabs X260.8 ( mono ) - MSRP $13,500 MSRP

    Any one using the amps above ? In terms of power I don't listen too loud so 4B3 really makes sense and $$$

    But i'm open to your opinion.

    I have a Jeff Rowland model 625 S1 and I am happy with the Magnepan 3.7i.
    It's great synergy.

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    Re: Magenpan 3.7i - What amplifier ?

    In the Magnepan forums they talk about Bel Canto a lot. It has been said that Magnepan both develops and tests using Bel Canto amplifiers. I am sure the models they use are way above my budget 😢.
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    Re: Magenpan 3.7i - What amplifier ?

    At least here in MN, Bel Canto is used quite a bit with Magnepans as the high end dealer here, Audio Perfection sells Maggies and Bel Canto. I have prefer the sound of Pass with Maggies but I have not heard the latest and greatest from Bel Canto lately. I think that the house Pass sound pairs well with Magnepans.
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    Re: Magenpan 3.7i - What amplifier ?

    I power my 3.7 with the Conrad johnson classic 120, and its fast and generatw nice tonality on my classical muaic sources

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Magenpan 3.7i - What amplifier ?

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