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Thread: F110 V1 problem

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    F110 V1 problem

    My F110 V1 constantly turns itself on and off at various times of the day, even when the rest of my audio system is turned off. I have two F110s but it's only happening to one of them. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm wondering if this is a hint for bigger issues ahead.
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    Re: F110 V1 problem

    My F113 v1 developed similar issues years ago. I am afraid that your sub is in need of repair.
    Is your sub under warranty? If so give JL Audio a call. They have excellent customer service.
    If not under warranty, and feel comfortable doing not too complicated electrical work you could do a search online for JL Audio subwoofer repair. Several folks have posted very detailed step-by-step online (basically just replacing a couple of capacitors that tend to go bad).
    If you end up deciding to send the unit to JL Audio they can give you instructions on how to remove the innards of the sub and ship it to their offices. That will save you from having to ship the whole sub back to them.

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F110 V1 problem

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