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    Re: What "Other" Hobbies Do You Enjoy?

    Quote Originally Posted by Puma Cat View Post
    Yup...two sides of the same coin: extremely fine neuromuscular control while moving through space.

    Unless you are on A TZ500 ...😁

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    Re: What "Other" Hobbies Do You Enjoy?

    - Riding Motorcycles - My 2013 Ducati Diavel and 2001 Aprilia Mille R
    - Riding mountain bikes - older Lefty Cannondales and my newer 29r Santa Cruz
    - Breeding Bengal Cats - PurfectPrideBengals on facebook
    - My Koi pond at our AirBnB
    - My Cabernet Vineyard at our AirBnB
    - Playing my Jazz, Steel String and Classical Guitars'
    - Flying Radio Controlled Helicopters
    Avantgarde Duo Mezzo,
    Nagra VPA 845 mono blocks, Audio Note UK Shinri 300B mono blocks, AudioPax KT88 monoblocks
    Conrad Johnson GAT, Zesto Tessera
    Esoteric K-01X, Esoteric N-01,

    Clearaudio Innovation TT,
    Graham Phantom 2 Supreme Arm/Ortofon Anna, Bobs Sky 2 SUT
    Clearaudio Universal Arm/Benz LPS
    Minus K isolation platform

    Galibier TT,
    Graham Phantom Elite Arm/Clearaudio Goldfinger Statement,

    Kubala Elation Cabling, Shunyata Trident 3, Typhon QR
    Zoethecus stands,

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    Re: What "Other" Hobbies Do You Enjoy?

    Audio, mountain biking on a Trek Fuel, dirt biking on a KTM 300xcw and flying RC sailplanes.

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    Re: What "Other" Hobbies Do You Enjoy?

    Quote Originally Posted by stereogeek View Post
    Audio, mountain biking on a Trek Fuel, dirt biking on a KTM 300xcw and flying RC sailplanes.
    slope or thermal? I used to live near Torrey Pines Gliderport and flew RC at the north end of the slope. when the wind blew straight in at 20+ knots the lead sleds came out--what a rush!

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    Re: What "Other" Hobbies Do You Enjoy?

    Tennis, biking ( Trek Fuel EX 5,5) swimming, boating ( Chaparral 275 SSi ) . Kayak and SUP. Playing piano . Riding an old Harley ( Sportster 883 ) . Snowmobile if enough snow. Nordic walking . Collecting art , reading books/magazines and drinking wine

    And mostly - wasting time at audio forums
    Aurender W20->Lampizator Pacific SE/Audio Aero La Fontaine->Ayon Crossfire III or Circle Labs A100-> Avantgarde Acoustic Trio LE 26, 2x REL Carbon Special Subwoofers
    Analog : Fat Bob S with SME 5, Shelter Harmony, Tom Evans Groove+ SRX mk2, Muarah PSC with InteliClamp
    cabling: Acrolink, Vovox, Siltech, Transparent, Audio Phase and FTA Callisto usb, Fadel Art , Argentum , REL Bassline Blue, Jcat Ref RJ45

    HT : Sony HW 50 ES, Oppo 93 EU, Darbee DVP-5000 ,Yamaha Aventage RX-A 3010 , B&W 9.1, screen 120 inches matt white

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    Re: What "Other" Hobbies Do You Enjoy?

    Quote Originally Posted by puroagave View Post
    slope or thermal? I used to live near Torrey Pines Gliderport and flew RC at the north end of the slope. when the wind blew straight in at 20+ knots the lead sleds came out--what a rush!
    Here in Florida we fly mostly thermal. I met a guy at the flying field one day who was one of the best sailplane pilots in the country and he had the trophies to back it up. He was in an elite group of RC sailplane pilots that had kept a sailplane in the air for 8 hours without landing. He used a spot in Florida called Bel Aire Bluffs. The wind was blowing in and it was a bit chilly so he propped up a piece of plywood in front of him and launched the plane. An hour or so later the cops were called because the residents didn't like the look of the plywood and they made him take it down. About 1/2 way through the day he had to take a dump so he propped the plywood back up, did his business and took the plywood back down. The cops came back and he told them what he had to do and they left him alone after that. BTW, for folks that don't know, the slope sailplanes are the fastest RC planes there are and they don't even have a motor. My thermal planes have electric motors to get a few hundred feet up and then you shut the motor off and the prop folds. I have been so high up I have lost sight of the sailplane. You have to make the plane "dirty" by holding the elevator full up and the rudder full to one side. If you try to dive the plane to get it down you can get going so fast you can flap the wings right off of them. Experience is speaking here, lol.

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    Re: What "Other" Hobbies Do You Enjoy?

    Another life long RC fan. Never tried slope soaring but thermals with sailplanes, I have. Mostly enjoy helicopters and airplanes as far as flying and am proficient with aerobatics, precision, pattern, 3D. There was a time I was really into car racing both off and on road (have not raced since the 90's). Another words if it is radio controlled, I like it! I am mostly into building scale trucks these days as I love to wrench on stuff, build models and airbrush and the scale trucks let me enjoy all three. Just finished up a "Post Apocalyptic" zombie escape vehicle. Jeep XJ Cherokee build. Fun project. Way too many of toys but the grandkids will have a blast one day playing with them all haha.

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    Re: What "Other" Hobbies Do You Enjoy?

    I decided to write a novel. A murder mystery. I never tried this before and I learned a lot while having fun. I self published the book and it has five star reviews on Amazon. I don't need the money so I donate whatever Amazon sends me to my Kiwanis club for Children's charities in town. The title is "What You Wish For" Kindle downloads and paperback is available on Amazon. I wrote it for fun and it's very gratifying to have other people enjoy it.

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