The 532h is a special amp but doesn't seem to get the respect, except in Stereophile, and me. It really did have a certain synergy with my JBL speakers. However, we always tend to look for something better. I have been looking and checking amps out for a couple years, either I liked the 532h better or the prospect was not affordable for me. I also feel Levinson gear takes careful matching with other gear to get the best from it.

I heard a 534 a few years back but it was in the unaffordable column and I was not thrilled with another amp over 100 lbs. Then I ran across a used 534 which I could swing.

The 534 is better in every way, More dense sound, it has what I call "presence" the thing that makes the performance in your room or transprts you there. Levinson doesn't give out how much Class A bias there might be but the 534 runs hot, and that's on an open shelf. The 532h ran cool, that chimney design was very effective for cooling. The sound of the 534 is quick and agile but the denser bass is taking my ear some getting used to. The 532h with my speakers and room really did have a great bass response, I like a detailed bass. The 534 is detailed as well it just has more meat.

The 534 has a touch of warmth in the midrange that makes it more enjoyable but the speed and clarity keeps it from being overly lush. The 534 does seem to have more high end energy and the snare pops with authority. My 4367 has control for mid/high, I took that down one tick and I seem to like that better so far. I could listen to it flat, it's not harsh, I just felt it called my attention.The 534 provides a better sense of rhythm and melody to the music, more musical if you will.

This will probably be my line up for a long while. However, I wouldn't mind comparing the 526 internal DAC to some external DAC's to see how it stacks up. LOL