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    I am sure the older members will remember these woofers

    They were the SOTA in the 1970's. I saw a couple huge transmission line bins around the Portland, Oregon area utilizing them back then. I think the 18 inch model was preferred.

    Hartley 24in subwoofers For Sale - US Audio Mart
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    Re: I am sure the older members will remember these woofers

    Hartley was the "H" in Levinson's HQD system. (Hartley, Quad, Decca).

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    Re: I am sure the older members will remember these woofers

    Quote Originally Posted by puroagave View Post
    Hartley was the "H" in Levinson's HQD system. (Hartley, Quad, Decca).

    I remember helping a famous Levinson dealer improve his HQD setup back when I was Magnepan's National Sales Manager.

    When setup well, they were amazing.

    I wonder how - or even IF - they'd compare to today's top efforts?
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    Re: I am sure the older members will remember these woofers

    I heard the HQD at Alan Goodwin's on Newbury Street many times.....it was an ear opener for me.
    I'll bet there are a few of these still around the Northeast......
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I am sure the older members will remember these woofers

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