some forum doesnīt unlock me, to be able to post. So i hope itīs o.k. to post this here.

Because of a thread on


i decided to buy the Sony Xperia X Compact (~60€) earlier this year. The sound out of it was quite good, warm, musical, but somehow muddy. Through eu-regulation the overall volume of the phone was too low. So I flashed a different firmware and with max volume, my main two iems I use, Tin T2 and Kz-Zs3 sounded quite alright on the X-Compact (no Eq → neutral setting, auto optimization on, other stuff off), but I imagine there are plenty cans and iems that could not be driven by the phones amp properly. Now, a couple of weeks ago the Sim-Card couldnīt be recognized anymore. I said to myself, o.k. I use it as a dap and for gps from now on, and my S4 as a telephone. But the temptation for repairing it was too strong. So now only my Galaxy S4 and S2 are left, both many years old and still working 100%. The sound through the 3,5mm Jack is terrible from the S4 and even worse from the S2. I tried a Samsung A5 from someone, sounds worse than my phones.

I am searching for a phone that does things as fast as the X-Compact (surfing, opening apps, using them…, no games), 5” Screen and up, with fast GPS Signal and superb sound out of the 3,5mm Jack for max. ~200€ (used or new) and Cans (3,5mm Jack) for max ~150€ (new).

Through a huge thread on
which I read for hours and other internet sources I now make this list:

I listen to classical music, hard-rock, metal, certain types of electronical music but not the club stuff, flute music, traditional songs from all sorts of countries, motivational music, wait…, basicly I listen to almost everything, but not pop and hip-hop and some other genres.

Possible Phones:

Meizu MX4 Pro (difficult to get in eu, as I read has the hardware from the iBasso DX90. It has no sd-card slot. Thats a no-go)

Vivo Xplay 6 (difficult to get in eu, read that it is better than Nex S)

LG G6 (read that not as good as LG V20 and V30 sound wise, but available in eu)

Vivo Nex S (difficult to get in eu, but I read vivo phones sound quite good)

LeEco Letv Le Max X900 (read that it is above them all soundwise, but otherwise it doesnīt work right, difficult to get in eu)

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 (could get it on amazon and send it back, if sound is not good)

Sony Xperia XZ1 (if am lucky on ebay, I could get it cheap. Is the amp better than X-Compact?)

LG V20 (read that sound is quite good, but phone has itīs problems, other people say it is working like on day one. Some say it has “sabre glare” and fat bass, which I dislike. Also itīs “razor sharp” as a negative, whatever that means.
I donīt know if I can trust this on ebay
"Neu in versiegelter Box LG V20 H910 64GB 5.7" Entsperrt Smartphone"
But as far as I read things on the net, it is possibly not new and more things are wrong with it.)

HTC One A9 (quite old, too old? I read sound is quite good)

LG V30 (Best LG Phone for sound? Sounds more analytical and cold, as I read, with a more aggressive, rough around the edges sound, compared to the V40. Never heard a phone that sounds like that. But so many people are saying itīs top tier! And it can drive high impedance earphones.
Donīt know if I can trust this on ebay
"Neu in Versiegelter Box LG V30 H932 64GB T-MOBILE 6.0" 4G LTE Smartphone"

LG V40 (Read it has improved sound compared to V30 with a more airy character, more spaciousness, better separation, with a cleaner, more musical sound. But some V30 users that switched to the V40 were disappointed)

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 (could get it on amazon and send it back, if sound is not good)

HTC 10 (could get it rather cheap here in eu, has itīs problems. Has good sound and amp, as I read)
Sony Xperia XZ

Xiaomi Mi Note (which one?)

ZTE Axon 7 (a very few go very cheap on ebay, good amp, not so sure if this phone sounds good?)

LG G7 ThinQ (good sound, as I read, but worse than V30. And videos, in landscape mode look cut, compared to almost full use of screen of the V30)
Sony Xperia X

Samsung Galaxy S9 (For me surprisingly -> good audio, as I read and has a good amp)

Which phone to get?

Cans (that people use and write are good)

Sennheiser HD 600

Sony MDR-100AAP


beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO

beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO

RHA cl750 (these are iems)

Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H3 (these are iems)

AKG K451

AKG K550

NuForce X massdrop edc3 (these are iems)

Koss Porta Pro (may get these as secondary Cans)

Sennheiser 506384 (too expensive)

Koss KSC75 (may get these as secondary Cans)

Shure SRH840

Audio Technica ATH-M50x

Meizu HD50

SENFER DT6 (may get these just for the heck of it)

Venture VE Monk (may get these just for the heck of it)

AKG K550

Massdrop x NuForce EDC3 (these are iems)

Ultrasone HFI-580 (Do-it-all Cans)

On the other hand, I can just go to some few shops in the city and test the their cans and buy a good one, not buying in the dark.

So my other idea would be to get a FiiO X1 (89€) for music and a cheap phone (if possible with exchangeable battery), with characteristics described above in this post, without the good audio. Shanlin M0 breaks, Fiio M3k sounds worse than X1, as I read.

Another idea would be to get a Meizu typ-c interface HIFI decoding amp
Hidizs Sonata HD
or something similar. But I canīt recall if the audio quality still has something to do with the phone, when a thing like that is connected to it? Furthermore if normalization and other sound settings work (USB Audio Player PRO, Neutron Player)? Also the phone canīt be charged, with the amp attached and I read these usb-c dac/amps drain battery hard.

Or a portable (with battery) dac/amp with a cheap phone?

I only have compressed music, m4a, mp3, ogg… So I basicly need a device that just delivers good sound with that. But somewhere in the back of my head I think trying out flac…

What is the best solution?