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Hi Mike,

Has MSB ever created a preamp module for the Select 2 DAC with Zeel outputs? If so, do you own this or do you have the preamp module with regular SE outputs?

hi Ken,

not yet.

when i bought my Select II it had the XLR output module, and MSB swapped it for the RCA output module. as i discussed the 50 ohm 'zeel' output issue with Vince, and he spoke to the engineers at MSB about it, they felt that it would work fine using the RCA outputs (with an adapter plug) and my zeel cables into my dart pre. which is how i have had it connected so far.

Vince said that MSB had an interest in doing an actual 'zeel' output module with a 50 ohm BNC interface. i think MSB has a similar engineering outlook at darTZeel and appreciates the minimalist approach. but so far i've not got around to formally requesting them to do it.....as i'm completely happy with what i'm hearing. one of these days i'll get around to seeing if that can happen; been distracted by new turntables and amps recently.