Hi all,

I was searching to upgrade my Devialet Pro 440Ci for an integrated amp and speared Dac. The dac was a easy choice, i went to the dCS Bartók Apex.
My speakers are the Wilson Alexia 2 and my cables are Nordost. TYR 2 for speakers and Heimdall 2 for power the amps and router. I had the TYR2 power cord to connect from the wall to the Qbase 8 from Nordost.

About the integrated amp, i listen to some of the top from Dan Agostino, Constellation and darTZell CTH-8550 MK2. I even consider the monos entry level with pre from Constellation because i have a problem of space but i could see the monos a long side my Tv furniture from Rimadezio.

At the end i prefer the darTZell. It didn’t grip the bass like the Dan integrated but the way delivers sound, for my taste, it was my favorite and lucky me for the choice i did. I run the amp wile in vacations for almost 3 weeks, more than the time suggested by the manual and wen i came back, wow, was playing like hell, amazing! But time went buy and I listen to music everyday and for at least 2 to 6h and i have to say that the amp plays better now, i was noticing an increasing musicality with the run of the amp. I think that to ear this amp and make him justice must have at least 500 hours of burn in.
The cable from the dac to the amp are the Nordost Tyr2 XLR.

I’m a big music and hi if enthusiast and i already listen to many amps from the best brands but I don’t see me trading this amp for the pre + power momentum 400W, i now like this sound better than most of what i listen from Dan Agostino, Constelllation, Audio research pre + power, Krell, etc costing 3 or 4 times more than this amp. I only see me up-grading to the next generation that could come in the future from the same amp.

I do think this amp is a true bargain!!

Now just up grade the power cord from the wall to the Q8 to the Odin 1 and i have TYR2 to the amp and dac. Another level of performance now to what was already amazing. Next ill change or everything to the Valhalla 2 from the Q8 or Valhalla 2 for the power cables and the XLR and speaker cables Odin 2 but if i go that way i have to split the up-grade in two fases.

I also love the build construction and how Hervé do things and the little details like calling the volume controle “pleasure control”, your name appears wen turn on the amp... I know, small things but i like detail, maybe because I’m also a watch collector and enthusiasts.