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    So is anyone still using Audirvana for their music?

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    Re: So is anyone still using Audirvana for their music?

    I know some folks who are still using It. Some of them do it for perceived SQ and others for cost (they find Roon to be too expensive).
    They agree that Roon offers a much better music management system.

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    Re: So is anyone still using Audirvana for their music?

    Roon is rather expensive compared to other playback software, but it is oh so good!
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    Re: So is anyone still using Audirvana for their music?

    For my RoomPlay playlists, I still use Audirvana 1.5.10 with my stripped-down-for-music-only MBP, but only then with Maintain's Cocktail, and the occcasional use of Charly Hasnsen's IBE...
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    Re: So is anyone still using Audirvana for their music?

    I still use Audirvana on my MBP that I connect to a Chord Hugo 2 for Headphone listening when I don't feel like warming up the big rig! Sounds better than Roon in my opinion even when I went to the extreme of building out all of the separate Roon boxes. Roon does have the best interface but not worth it for hit in SQ for me. YMMV.

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    Re: So is anyone still using Audirvana for their music?

    I use Audirvana for the more serious headphone listening sessions. The SQ is a little bit to noticeably better, depending on the recording itself compared to Roon on desktop to my USB headphone Audeze Deckard Class A DAC/amp or Woo Audio tube amp depending on tube/SS mood. Most of the time I still use Roon when discovering and casually listening for the better interface/browsing experience.

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    Re: So is anyone still using Audirvana for their music?

    I recently helped someone install and setup Audirvana+ for playback control from their Windows laptop to their Lumin device. This was mostly to provide a nicer-looking and more friendly user experience for him, from local files and streaming services.
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    Re: So is anyone still using Audirvana for their music?

    It is my go-to player. Good sound, no problems, and gives me a better connection (buffering?) when using Qobuz.

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    Re: So is anyone still using Audirvana for their music?

    Still using, and still liking.

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So is anyone still using Audirvana for their music?

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