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    Digital music's all about keeping things simple, right?

    Digital music's all about keeping things simple, right?

    Computer audio totally changed how we listen to tunes. It's super flexible – you can mix up playlists and hop between songs and artists just like that.

    I've been into digital audio for more than 15 years. Started with Logitech Media Server (LMS) back in the day, then moved on to stuff like Roon/HQPlayer and Spotify with a Raspberry Pi streamer. Lately, I've been trying out Sonos.

    But let's be real, computer streaming can be a bit of a headache. LMS was cool for its time, but man, it was techie. Sometimes, I just wanted to chill with some music, but ended up messing around with computer settings instead.

    Roon's like the grown-up version of LMS. It's way more reliable, has a better look and feel, and solid support. Still, it's not perfect – you might hit some snags, especially after updates.

    HQPlayer? That's next-level techie stuff. If you're not super into tech, it might as well be rocket science.

    Now, Sonos is a different story. It works with tons of music services and handles its own hardware and servers. No extra computer needed, and updates happen without you even noticing. Just turn it on, and boom – music time. Everyone seems to like how easy Sonos is to use. But I've noticed audiophiles don't talk about it much. Maybe it's because it doesn't do High-Res audio? But hey, isn't easy better sometimes?

    I will be hooking up a Sonos Port to my main audio setup. Gonna try two different ways: 1) Roon (with DSP sound processing) through the Port, and 2) Spotify through the Port using Spotify-Connect. The Port will connect to my DAC via digital cable. On paper, Roon should sound better, but you still need your own computer for it. Spotify's way simpler, and even if the sound isn't as high-quality, Spotify's GUI is more user-friendly and familiar to most. Ah! And I will also compare both to my Roon/HQP set up.

    Same DAC, same speakers but different feeds. So, what's gonna win? The fancy tech or keeping it simple?

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    Re: Digital music's all about keeping things simple, right?

    I have Sonos products around my home. But nothing in the music room for exactly what you stated. Lack of Hi Res streaming. Of course, I now use ROON as my central ‘player’ even for all Sonos zones. Love them.

    (Although they almost lost me when they threatened to make all first gen products obsolete with the Next generation Sonos app.)
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    Re: Digital music's all about keeping things simple, right?

    Preliminary decisions: I decided that Roon can now do upsampling and DSP to a degree that I am happy with. So will stop using HQP.

    Still undecided if I will keep the Sonos Port. Also, decided to place my electronics into a cabinet. Due to space restraints, my current preamp will have to go (chassis too big!). More to come!

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    Re: Digital music's all about keeping things simple, right?

    I bought a modded Port from Wyred4Sound to be able to include my system in the Sonos use at my home (Sonos for everything besides my room)

    They replace the SPDIF card, bypassing the DAC and analog out. Only the RCA digital out works. Sonos/Port accepts digital files up to 96 hz. I use Roon to resample files to 16-24 x 96 hz when sending from my system.

    Recommended, if you use Sonos in your house, and already use a good DAC in your system.
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    Re: Digital music's all about keeping things simple, right?

    Seems like a like a lot of components/cabling to me. I may be way off base here but with a dCS component (Vivaldi APEX DAC/UpSampler, Rossini APEX DAC and Bartok APEX) there is nothing else needed. "Keep it simple" with their app -- dCS MOSAIC - developed in house and regularly updated (like an iPhone) all you need is an Ethernet cable to the rear and either a QoBuz, Spotify etc., account and you're off and streaming.

    Easily controlled via an iOS or Android device. I prefer an iPAD which offers more real estate.

    Very easy peasy as someone said. Simplistic wins every time (IMO).

    Best to all,


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Digital music's all about keeping things simple, right?

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