So, following the similar discussion on another forum, I've decided to start this thread in honor of world's cheapest (yet best-sounding) MM cartridge ... according to many folks out there, even those who own high-end gear!

What are your thoughts of 3600 ... do you have it? Did you ever use it? I've had mine for approx. 3 yrs & it sounded better than 95E. At least to my ears, that is. Then I sold it (along with my old table), but eventually bought a brand new one for less than $10, which I still have inside my desk drawer as we speak.

Funny how Rega sells their relabeled 3600 as "Carbon" model for 5 times as much (approx. $60) & claim it to be high end model, where on the other hand 3600 was often referred to as "cheap Chinese knockoff", because it was (as of recently) manufactured in China. Except for the fact that it was manufactured in Audio Technica's Chinese factory, under their license & specs. Therefore both Japanese & Chinese ones are the same in terms of technical specs.