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    Re: Bryston active speakers

    Hi James,


    I just heard a demo of the BAX1 digital crossover in the new active speaker system put on by Gary Dayton at Audio Video Therapy in New Hampshire.

    It’s a brilliant product.

    It’s about time someone stepped up against the endless fiddling and fussing with passive crossovers which I think has gone about as far as it can


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    Re: Bryston active speakers


    I heard the active Model T’s at TAVES with 3 channel 21B’s.


    Dwight Angus

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    Re: Bryston active speakers


    I have been interested in expanding my Bryston system from my BDP-2 and BDA-3 to include a BP-17 cubed and a 14b3 for the Model T.

    Now I would like to go Active but need to do it in a more gradual fashion for financial reasons.

    I would prefer not to end up with two 4b3 and 7b3 amps and like the 21b3 concept.

    Could I power two Model T signature speakers passively using one 21b3? and then later get another 21b3 and the DAX-1 to run the Model Ts active without the external cross-overs?



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    Re: Bryston active speakers

    Welcome to the forum Mike!
    Wharfedale Linton w/ stands, Avantgarde Duo XD, Klipsch RB-75, Klipsch RP-160M.

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    Re: Bryston active speakers

    Hi Mike

    Welcome sir!

    Yes to your question - just se the External passive crossover with 2 of the channels on the 21B - probably the two 4B channels to keep the power equal and then when ready ditch the external crossovers and add the second 21B and the BAX 1 Digital Crossover and your set.

    I can not stress enough how much of a leap going active is to the performance of the speakers.


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    Re: Bryston active speakers

    MEMO: To All Bryston Customers
    SUBJECT: New Bryston Active Speaker Dealer

    November, 2017

    Hi Folks,

    I am very pleased to announce a dedicated Bryston Active Speaker Dealer.

    Welcome to: “Absolute Audio Video” in Calgary, Alberta

    AAV Calgary.JPG

    Ross and James will have a fully active Bryston system on display consisting of the following:

    • Bryston Middle T Active Speakers.

    • Bryston BAX 3-way Active Digital Crossover.

    • Six channels of Bryston Amplification.

    Having a dedicated listening room to allow customers to hear how much better Active Speakers can sound is paramount and I thank Ross and James for their commitment to this concept.

    In a market where customers are asking for more value added from their dealer the in home active Bryston speaker system is a perfect fit.

    James Tanner
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Re: Bryston active speakers

    Hi James,

    If you recall I'm the person who reviewed your Bryston Mini T speakers for The Inner Ear magazine.

    I've been convinced for years now that the correct way to do a multi way speaker is with an electronic crossover and multi amps.

    I'm really glad to find another manufacturer who realizes the potential of the format and is actively pursuing it.

    Allen Edelstein

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    Re: Bryston active speakers

    MEMO: To All Bryston Customers
    SUBJECT: Bryston Active Middle T Demo – Capital Audio Fest

    November 2017

    CAF Logo.JPG

    Well James, I am nowhere near experienced enough in high end audio to critique your new active speaker system, but I have a system that would list for twice what the full Bryston setup in your room cost, and what I heard has really got me thinking.

    CAF 2017 1.jpg

    Unfortunately my wife and I did not make it to your room until the end of the day Sunday. We were unable to spend as much time as I would have liked listening to different types of music. I would really like find another opportunity to demo this setup again, as I would have to sell off most of my system to facilitate the purchase.

    Considering that I am contemplating selling what I would consider some world class gear, that took me a couple of years to assemble, to enable me to purchase your latest achievement, should be pretty high praise as to what we heard.

    The tonal balance, and clarity of the active version was astounding. Not to mention the bass! I kept asking Gary if he had a sub hiding in the side room. My wife and I were both VERY impressed!

    Congratulations on quite an achievement!

    Regards, Rob.

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    Re: Bryston active speakers

    MEMO: To All Bryston Customers
    SUBJECT: Bryston Active Model T Demo – TAVES 2017

    Novo Logo.JPG

    TAVES Consumer Electronics Show 2017 Show
    Report by George de Sa, NOVO Magazine

    Bryston Limited

    With a friendly greeting from Brian Russell, President of Bryston, I entered their room and found a chair beside James Tanner, VP Marketing & Sales.

    NOVO PIC.jpg

    James was demonstrating Bryston’s Active Speaker System, this year with something new, an all-new 3-channel amplifier, the 21B3. Since a Bryston Active speaker setup requires three amplified channels per side to drive it three-ways, the 21B3 fulfills this need with a single-chassis 3-channel form-factor.

    There are two Bryston Active systems currently available – the Model-T and the Middle-T. The system playing was a Model-T Active system (a pair of crossover-less Model-T speakers with a Bryston BAX-1 DSP Active Crossover. The speakers were finished in an attractive expresso brown wood veneer.

    With a Bryston BDP-3 digital player, BDA-3 DAC and BP26 preamp, this system delivered spectacular sound-staging and clarity; projecting images well above my head and with a level of immediacy and control that was mesmerizing!

    Bryston was also showing off on static display, their new 24B3 amplifier ($9,000), with 6-channels of amplification. The 24B3 is meant to serve as a lower cost alternative for the 21B3 in the Bryston Active Speaker Systems, delivering the 3-channels of amplification per side at half the price of a 21B3.

    There were two new active subwoofers also on display – the Model T 12” subwoofer, with 2 x 12” drivers and a 600 Watt amplifier and a Mini T subwoofer with twin 8” drivers and 600 Watts of power.

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    Re: Bryston active speakers

    MEMO: To All Bryston Customers
    SUBJECT: Announcing the Bryston Mini T Active Speaker

    November 2017

    Hi Folks,

    I am pleased to announce the introduction of the “Bryston Mini T ACTIVE” speaker.

    Moni T Active.png

    The Active Mini T joins the Model T and Middle T Active systems to round out our Bryston Active Series of speakers.

    These Bryston active speakers are used in conjunction with our dedicated BAX-1 Digital Active Crossover and six channels of amplification to provide a level of performance unobtainable with the current passive systems available today.

    Active loudspeakers are those in which the drivers (woofer, mid-range, tweeter) are directly connected to the output of an amplifier. There are no "passive" components (large resistors, capacitors, coils etc.) in the signal path between the amplifier and the loudspeaker driver(s).

    An Active System can bring a much higher resolution and dynamic control to your audio system.

    The differences are not subtle and speakers like the Bryston Model T Active loudspeakers take the performance to the next level of accuracy.

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    Re: Bryston active speakers

    Hi Folks,

    A pic of a Model T Active speaker at one of our dealers in the new Expresso finish


    Model T Expresso.jpg

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    Re: Bryston active speakers

    What has 6 channels, only 2 speakers, and now comes in painted white?

    Our new Active Loudspeakers of course! There is a lot more to Active Speakers than just tri-amping.

    Our BAX-1 performs crossover functions far more complex than what can practically be achieved with passive components for a new level of detail and realism.

    Middle T Active White.jpg

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    Re: Bryston active speakers

    MEMO: To All Bryston Customers
    SUBJECT: New Bryston Active Speaker ‘Distributor’

    December, 2017

    Hi Folks,

    I am very pleased to announce a dedicated Bryston Active Speaker ‘DISTRIBUTOR’.

    Welcome to: “AViTech in Austria and Germany”


    • Bryston Middle T Active Speakers.

    • Bryston BAX 3-way Active Digital Crossover.

    • Six channels of Bryston Amplification.

    Having a dedicated Active System available to allow their dealers and customers to hear how much better Active Speakers can sound is critical and I thank AViTech for their commitment to this concept.


    In a market where customers are asking for more value added from their dealer the in home active Bryston speaker system setup is a perfect fit.

    Czerningasse 16 A-1010 Vienna, Austria
    Email: office@avitech.at

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    Re: Bryston active speakers

    James - not sure if you saw this?


    Nice effort to explain active and amazing images.

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    Re: Bryston active speakers

    Hi Folks,

    New link on the Bryston website showing the new Active speakers.



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    Re: Bryston active speakers

    Hi James,

    I've updated the BAX-1 product page to include more product images and I've also updated the product description for clarity. You can find the page here:


    If you like what you see I shall make it live immediately.


    Richard Branch

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    Re: Bryston active speakers

    MEMO: To All Bryston Customers
    SUBJECT: Bryston Model T ACTIVE Speakers – Customer Feedback

    January 2018

    Hi James

    I just had my left knee replaced this morning, and while in the hospital, I wanted to make sure I took the time to thank you so much for taking care of my equipment desires.

    It took me a long time to put everything together but managed to finish last night. I did not have the time to do any tuning however, I was completely blown away by the results!

    I have the SP3 as the pre-amp into the BAX-1 Active Digital Crossover. Driving the mids I’m using 7B3s, and for the woofers & tweeters I am using 7BSST2’s.

    As you have said, going ACTIVE is a tremendous upgrade. The soundstage is so smooth, silky, detailed, and engaging.

    When going into surround mode with a 4B driving the rears, and a 7B3 in the center, oh my goodness, fantastic! When I have all cubed amps and get it tuned up, well, I honestly can’t imagine how good it will be.

    Thank you sir!

    Is it live? No, it’s my Bryston’s!


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    Re: Bryston active speakers

    Hi Folks,

    Finally finished the Active MINI T's and got them set up in Room 3 with custom Target Stands.

    Mini T Active RM 3.JPG

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    Re: Bryston active speakers

    Hi Folks,

    I was asked today from a customer that has ordered a pair of Active Mini T’s a question I thought would be of interest to others – see below please.

    Hi James

    On the Audiocircle forum you posted a comment noting that you "finally finished the Active Mini-T's". Out of curiosity, what was the last stage needed to finish them and what are the shipping dates for the speakers and BAX-1 looking like?


    We test the speakers in the anechoic chamber with the Bryston BAX-1 digital crossover and we do over 300 measurements all around the speaker (vertical as well as horizontal) to make sure the ‘Sound Power’ and the ‘Listening Window’ of the speaker is as accurate as possible.

    Then we do blind listening tests to make sure what we are measuring translates to what we are hearing.

    So it’s very time consuming but critical to get the best possible on and off axis smoothness for a specific speaker with the BAX1 crossover.

    We finally arrived at what we think is the best overall response and listening accuracy we can achieve at the factory and my 'at home' listening test is the last assessment because I am very familiar with how the different Bryston speakers perform in my 3 rooms.

    Attached is the Listening Window and the Sound Power response of the Active Mini T through the BAX-1 Crossover


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    Re: Bryston active speakers

    Beautiful looking!

    This overall visual statement should get an award! Not to mention the sound too!


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    Re: Bryston active speakers

    Very nice James! I love the look of these speakers too.
    My Systems: http://www.audioshark.org/showthread...481#post158481

    "We can hear everything we measure, but we can't measure everything we hear. Let your ears be your guide."

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    Re: Bryston active speakers

    Last year at RMAF the full active Middle T system presented by Gary was sounding very good! Amazing how good the bass was for moderately sized speakers.

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    Re: Bryston active speakers

    MEMO: To All Bryston Customers
    SUBJECT: Austria – Bryston Middle T Active Speakers

    AV Logo.JPG

    Hi James,

    We are just testing the Bryston Middle T ACTIVE powered speakers with 3 stereo amps as we are preparing for upcoming Hamburg Show.

    It “Sounds Really Fantastic – so relaxed and easy” !!!


    Thank you, thank you and thank youuuuuu!!!

    Best regards
    Edvard Potisk

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    Re: Bryston active speakers

    MEMO: To All Bryston Customers
    SUBJECT: Capital Audiofest 2017– Bryston Middle T Active Demo


    Kemper Holt

    The first thing I noticed walking into the Bryston room was the layout, they chose to put the speakers on the long wall and have us sit in the nearfield. My first impression was I'm too close and was this a wise decision? Turns out it was a very astute choice as the room sounded great. Bryston was showing an active loudspeaker, The Bryston Middle T Actives which unlike the norm does not have the amps and active crossovers built, they are outboard.
    Performing the necessary tasks were a pair of Bryston 21B Cubed 3 channel amps, BAX-1 active three-way crossover, BP 17 Cubed preamp, BDA-3 DAC, BDP Player, all plugged into a BIT 20 conditioner.

    CAF PIC.jpg

    The old adage about audio companies specializing in a particular vein of equipment and unable to make top notch equipment in all categories falls flat on its face here.

    In an all Bryston system, a great deal of synergy applied itself and the room just made music. The low bass on Boz Scagg's "Thanks to You" came through as powerful and deep almost matching the megabuck room, tight and had the true low extension that makes you take notice. I played some tracks from Paul Simon's Graceland and the result was spectacular. The speakers vanished, the coral parts were displayed on a vast soundstage including height, nice individualization of voices, percussion dynamic and exciting, natural tone, and Paul's voice sounded as it should.

    A guest put on an orchestral recording that really showed off the system, big soundstage, nothing tied to the speakers, explosive dynamics, natural string tone, horns were particularly real sounding, I was brought into the music and thoroughly enjoyed being engaged into just relaxing and letting the piece wash over me.

    Wonderful room!

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    Re: Bryston active speakers

    MEMO: To All Bryston Customers
    SUBJECT: Bryston Mini T Active – Customer Feedback

    Hi James,

    I've now had my Active Mini-T's running for about 5 days and am very happy with their superb sound! I also changed from a BP26 to a BP17cubed at the same time because I didn't have the patience to stage them in separately, so can't definitively attribute specific improvements to one change or the other... but there are definitely many improvements.

    My previous setup was BP26 - 7B3 - Mini-T Passive.

    The new setup is BP17C - BAX1 - 7B3/2.5B3 - Mini-T-Active

    I was quite pleased with my passive Mini-T's but knew from experience that the move to active would be a major change and it was:

    • Soundstage is more 3D, more depth and layers
    • Attacks and percussion are crisper
    • Articulation of individual notes is clearer
    • The music overall is clearer, a veil has been lifted!

    Late night/very low volume listening has been good since moving to Mini-T's a year ago but it is now even better. At my normal volumes (still comparatively low due to small apartment constraints) the bass seems to have about the same low extension but is clearer and, for example, I heard a very clear bass line in an old recording that I'd never noticed before. Every instrument seems more clearly defined on the soundstage and sounds more distinct compared to my passive system. Marimbas and xylophones seem to have more "glow" as do tablas. Orchestral works sound richer and more "full-bodied" even though the passive Mini-T's sounded great too.

    Although I'm sure the BP17C should be getting some of the credit, there is one very welcome improvement that it clearly offers: the slower response on the motorized volume control - important to me in adjusting levels in my limited volume range.

    Overall, I'm very pleased. Thank you to you and the team for deciding to offer an active version of the already-great Mini-T's!


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    Re: Bryston active speakers

    MEMO: To All Bryston Customers
    SUBJECT: Bryston Middle T ‘ACTIVE’ – Dealer Feedback


    February, 2018

    Hi James,

    Just hooked up the new Bryston Middle T active speakers.

    So far, excellent.

    Will play with the parametric EQ to see if I can clean the room up a little.

    My first impression is what my suspicion was:

    “Once you go active, you can never go back.”

    I will follow up with you after more time with them.

    Thanks for your passion and "end to end" product!!!


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    Re: Bryston active speakers

    Hello Gentlemen,

    Just a quick thank you note (detailed impressions later).

    I received my 21B Cubed 3 channel amplifiers for my Active Model T's today.

    An hour out of the box, these amps are ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!

    I’m impressed how far above the six 7B mix I was using (4x 7B SST2 and 2x cubed for mids). Well done.


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    Re: Bryston active speakers

    MEMO: To All Bryston Customers
    SUBJECT: Bryston Model T Active – Distributor Feedback - Norway

    Norway Logo.JPG

    Dear, Brian & everybody @ BRYSTON !

    Attached please find Håvards picture of our BRYSTON rig with 21B3 amplifiers and the BIG Model-T speakers with BAX-1 Electronic crossover etc... .


    Håvard hadn't time to wait a minute more, when I unloaded the shipment yesterday. He connected the BIG Bryston 21B3 amplifiers and we listened yesterday to different music and we concluded early on but which we felt stronger and stronger about as we continued to listen and can confirm:

    The Bryston 21B3 Cubed amplifiers lifted the experience of the Model-T Active sound above everything we have heard earlier. They played with authority and control and with details in the high frequencies we have never experienced before.

    We were astonished by the extreme control of the lowest of the low frequencies. You Brystoners have made an extremely good match with the 21B3, BAX-1 and Model-T Active speakers. Now it's more than a pleasure to come to work and listen to this setup. Thank You, Bryston!

    Brian, say hello to your employees from us, we are very thankful for what you have done for us and soon for the Audiophiles in Little Norway. The future is very bright.

    Best regards from
    Håvard &, björn

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    Re: Bryston active speakers

    MEMO: To All Bryston Customers
    SUBJECT: Bryston Middle T Active – Customer Feedback

    March 2018

    Hi James

    Model T Active vs Middle T Active


    So far my initial impression with the new Middle T Actives is a very similar clean, neutral and refined presentation!

    The Middle T speakers are brand new...and I must crank up the volume a bit more to get a similar same scale of the Signatures...but I am sure they will run in slowly in the next weeks...

    The highs seem to have more sparkle and resolution, and I am very happy that the bass is still very impressive and fast.

    You remember I was a bit scared because the Signatures spoils us with such a magnificent bass punch... maybe someday we add a middle “sub” to get the ultimate bass weight.

    I just played “Mean to Me” from Rita Coolildge...one of my personal reference tracks...and the double bass is well defined, fast, and airy, just like on the Signatures.

    Overall, a speaker with fantastic value...and definitely “signature” sound quality...plus, great for the wife factor, due to the compact dimensions!

    Cheers to you !
    Tom from Singapore

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    Re: Bryston active speakers



    The four Mini T ACTIVE speakers are installed. Along with single Mini T sub.

    Running with Bryston 4B on woofers and 3Bs on mid-range and tweeters.

    Client is ecstatic. I will be sending pictures hopefully next week when I revisit the job site to tie up Loose Ends.



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    Re: Bryston active speakers

    MEMO: To All Bryston Customers
    SUBJECT: Bryston Demo – Absolute Audio/Video - Calgary

    April 19th 2018

    Hi Folks

    Please drop by our dealer for 2 straight days of Bryston audio system demos in Calgary on Thursday and Friday.


    Room one will feature a fully ACTIVE Bryston Middle T System.

    Absolute Audio Video - Calgary.jpg

    System consists of the the new Bryston BAX-1 dedicated digital 3-way electronic crossover and the new 3-channel 21B amplifiers.

    Room two will feature the passive Bryston Mini T system

    Absolute Audio Video 2.jpg

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    Re: Bryston active speakers

    MEMO: To All Bryston Customers
    SUBJECT: Bryston Active Demo – Mark Jones Audio

    April 2018

    Bryston Active event at Audio by Mark Jones

    A couple of weeks ago I was invited by Mark Jones to attend the Bryston Active event at his place. James Tanner of Bryston was presenting the new active loudspeaker system featuring Model T Signature loudspeakers and BAX-1 electronic crossover.


    I am familiar with "active" loudspeakers, such as those produced by Meridian Audio. They have amplifiers built right in and all you need is a source, like a CD player or a network streamer.

    Bryston's Model T active loudspeaker system is different. The loudspeakers' drivers (woofer, mid-range and tweeter) are directly connected to an amplifier's output. This is known as active bi-amping or tri-amping, since there are no passive components, i.e. crossovers, are present in the signal path between the amplifier and the drivers. Not to be confused by "passive" bi-amping or tri-amping, where a separate amplifier is assigned to each driver, but internal crossovers are still used to control which frequencies are handled by which driver, as well as roll-off characteristics.

    But in a truly active system this is handled by an "electronic crossover" placed between the preamplifier and individual amplifier(s), basically in a small signal level stage. The electronic crossover used in this presentation was Bryston BAX-1 dedicated Digital crossover.
    The other components in the system were:

    • BP17³ preamplifier (bottom box in the photo above)
    • 2 x 28B³ power amplifiers to drive the woofers
    • 2 x 4B³ power amplifiers to driver mid-range and tweeters
    • BDA-3 DAC
    • BDP-3 Digital Player

    The BAX-1 electronic crossover is controlled through a Bryston developed app from an iPad.

    Although it is more costly to properly develop a truly active system, it has a number of advantages:

    more efficient use of power superior direct coupling of drivers to the amplifiers provides better control of drive units and damps unwanted resonances in drivers splitting frequency bands before amplification results in easier design of crossover filters simplified control of amplitude and phase (delay) and driver anomalies higher SPL's are achieved in larger systems (you get 4dB improvement in level with the same power) it can be used to tune the system to any room with any acoustic deficiencies

    As James Tanner remarked, music reproduction is a transient condition, where stop and start signals are transmitted to the drivers. With the amplifier being connected directly to the speaker driver this condition is improved and better controlled, which results in a much more accurate reproduction of the music. True active system can bring a much higher resolution and dynamic control to an audio system.

    And this is exactly what I experienced with the system that was being presented that night. James first played some of his own selections. But then one of the guests brought his own musical selections on a USB stick. As they were played, the gentleman remarked that this is the best reproduction of these tracks that he has ever heard.

    • Besame Mama by Poncho Sanchez and Mongo Santamaria
    • The Black Messiah (Part Two) by George Duke
    • Good Bye Pork Pie Hat by Uzeb

    Each musical selection showcased the system's full potential. The clarity, the level of detail, the instrument separation and air around each instrument were simply superb.

    The bass was tight and powerful even without any subwoofers. The imaging was precise. Soundstage was truly three-dimensional with depth, width and height clearly defined.

    I have only heard this level of reproduction in systems that cost tens of thousands more than Bryston.

    That is not to say that the electronic crossover does not have its weaknesses. The main one being that you cannot currently use BAX-1 in any other system. Current design only works with Model T speakers and Bryston amplifiers (ED: For very good technical and performance reasons).

    But all in all it was very enjoyable experience and I am grateful to Mark and James for the presentation.

    Alex G.

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    Re: Bryston active speakers

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    Re: Bryston active speakers

    Hi Folks,

    First 'professional review' of the Bryston Mini T ACTIVE loudspeaker:


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    Re: Bryston active speakers

    MEMO: To All Bryston Customers
    SUBJECT: It’s All About System Resolution - Hi Res vs Redbook

    June 2018


    I am not sure if you know Mark Weldrep of AIX Records. He has a blog regarding “TRUE" High-Res music recorded and mixed in 24-96. He has serious concerns about all the so called High-Res disks sold based on Low-Res masters from the good old days.

    Well a few days ago he put out a challenge to see if a 100 or more people would participate in a blind test to see if they could discriminate between the 24-96 and the CD 16-44 standard. It was not easy because the files were extremely well recorded and sounded just fine in both formats.

    High- Res might be:
    Tune 1
    Tune 2
    Tune 3
    Tune 4
    Tune 5
    Tune 6

    It seems I accurately achieved 5 out of the 6 correct. Which apparently was very unusual. Mark wanted to know how I did it, (see answer below). Basically I attribute it to the excellent Bryston Active System and the flexibility of the Bryston BDP Digital Player.

    “Hi Mark

    I was using a Bryston Digital Player and the new Bryston Active Model T speaker setup.

    It is the best sound I have ever known irrespective of price. Primarily because it is truly phase aligned with a DSP. It rivals the punch of Dynamic speaker with the highs and sound stage of Electrostatic.

    I was listening mostly for the high frequencies like cymbals and percussion. Female voice had more “depth” and “complexity”.


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    Re: Bryston active speakers

    MEMO: To All Bryston Customers
    SUBJECT: James Hayward Visit To The Bryston Demo Rooms

    July 2018

    “Good morning James:

    Listening to the three Bryston demo systems on Saturday was a very interesting and enjoyable experience.

    I would summarize my overall listening impression this way. Each of those systems demonstrated state-of-the-art performance for a significantly different set of price points.

    The little Mini A speaker did an excellent job of imaging and had an impressive depth of field. With its obvious limitations in output at extremely low frequencies, it still did an admirable job of accurately producing lower midrange and bass information with minimal exaggeration of enclosure and driver resonances.

    The Middle T Active system is very easy to listen to. Its increased dynamic range, extended lower frequency response, increased clarity in the lower midrange bring an ease to the listening experience.

    The Model T Active is clearly my favourite system.
    It does everything right and with total ease! I can listen to it for hours as it uncovers amazing musical detail let effortlessly reproduces bass and lower midrange without any hint of exaggeration in both dynamic range and frequency response.

    Thanks, James, for the great time.”

    Best regards,
    James H.

    Jim Hayward is an electronic technologist, pianist and a perfectionist whose deep love of music put him on a lifelong quest to accurately capture the reality of treasured musical performances. After a 28 year career managing high tech engineering and operations groups in Bell Canada, he taught electronics and supervised student designed audio projects at Radio College of Canada for 10 years. He was Chairman of the Toronto Section of the Audio Engineering Society in 2000/2001 and has been an active executive member for 24 years. As a contributing editor to Andrew Marshall’s Audio Ideas Guide, he wrote three feature articles on the electrical characteristics of cables and their relevance to audio performance. He also wrote a feature article for the Bryston Newsletter, Volume 5, Issue 2, on the characteristic impedance of cables highlighting its relevance in the professional audio world.

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    Re: Bryston active speakers

    MEMO: To All Bryston Customers
    SUBJECT: Bryston Middle T Active Speaker Setup Demo

    August 2018

    Hi Folks,

    Please see link below regarding a demonstration at one of our premium dealers on the Bryston Middle T Active speaker.



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    Re: Bryston active speakers

    MEMO: To All Bryston Customers
    SUBJECT: Bryston Middle T ‘ACTIVE’ – Customer Feedback

    September, 2018

    Hi James,

    After some months of intense hearing and testing the Middle T Active system as promised, here I am with a more definitive feedback...


    The system required some fine tuning and correct placement in the room (5x6 metres) to get the maximum from it.

    Testing was conducted in many ways and with many albums of acoustical ensembles, always correct recorded music. Guess this is a good way to test the timbre and dynamic performance of a hi-fi system.

    I involved as well a professional musician (guitar player) and compared his own music reproduced by the Bryston system and the real live concerts he has held, his own opinion being of course very important.

    Results: outstanding performance of the Active system, the artist being reproduced in a life like manner, with incredible fast transients, perfect imaging and very natural and dynamic performance. Absolutely stunning. Every musical instrument, as well as voice were very material, perfectly isolated from the others, full bodied. Transparency and detail at top levels.

    I guess the only upgrade possible would be moving to the bigger model T’s... The only tweak I have done was to place 30 kg of lead over each speaker, this leading to an even better detail and micro dynamic reproduction, not a dramatic improvement but definitely perceptible.

    Thanks James...!

  41. #91

    Re: Bryston active speakers

    MEMO: To All Bryston Customers
    SUBJECT: Model T Active – USA Dealer Dedicated Listening Room

    October 2018

    Hi Folks,

    Great set-up in one of our premium USA dealers.

    Dedicated room for the Bryston Active Model T speakers and complete Bryston Audio System


    • Bryston BDP-3 Digital Player/Streamer
    • Bryston BDA-3 DAC
    • Bryston BP-26 Preamplifier
    • Bryston MPS-2 Power Supply
    • Bryston BCD-3 CD Player
    • Bryston BAX-1 Digital Active Crossover
    • Bryston 3-Channel 21B (x2) Amplifiers
    • Bryston Model T Active Speakers
    • Bryston Isolation Transformers (x2)
    • Target Equipment and Amplifier Stands

  42. #92

    Re: Bryston active speakers

    Hi Folks,

    Got our first order for a pair of T-REX Active speakers today.

    All the way from California!


  43. #93

    Re: Bryston active speakers

    Hi Folks,

    Just got a copy of a new review from Soundstage Magazine due out next week on the Active Middle T's.

    Will post when available.


  44. #94

    Re: Bryston active speakers

    Middle T Active Review.JPG

    MEMO: To All Bryston Customers
    SUBJECT: Bryston Active Middle T’s – Soundstage Review

    Hi Folks,

    Please see below the link to a very extensive and thorough review of the Bryston ‘MIDDLE T ACTIVE SYSTEM’ from Soundstage Magazine.


    Favourite Quotes:

    “No matter what I listened to, the Bryston system always sounded bigger and more dynamic than I thought it would. Its clarity and precision even rivaled that of my reference MartinLogan Masterpiece Classic ESL-9 speaker hybrid electrostatics recognized for their fast, detailed sound.”

    “If you’re willing to try active speakers, give the Brystons a listen. Even if you aren’t, you should hear them, to find out what kind of sound is possible from today’s powered speakers.”

    “With the Bryston Middle T Active system, everything sounded perfectly balanced, the dialog and effects precisely tracking their apparent visual sources onscreen. The experience was so involving that I felt as if I were sitting in the mixing studio.”

    Roger Kanno
    Attached Files Attached Files

  45. #95

    Re: Bryston active speakers

    Recent show in Russia

    Bryston Mini T Active System


    I have an English PDF if you want - jamestanner@bryston.com

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