Flemming Rasmussen Joins R&D team

Audio Group Denmark, the parent company for Ansuz, Aavik and Børresen-Acoustics recently announced that one of greatest talents in history of the Hi-Fi industry; Flemming Rasmussen, has joined as a full time member of the design and development team.

Flemming is best known as the charismatic founder of Gryphon Audio Design, one of the most influential high-end brands in Scandinavia – and the world.

Over his 35 year tenure at Gryphon Flemming and team created a number of landmark products, most notably large power amplifiers such as The Antileon, Antileon Signature & later EVO which enjoyed a strong following in the global audiophile community.

Flemming joins Audio Group Denmark at a time of extraordinary high growth for the company. I will be personally interested to see how Flemming’s creativity is unleashed.