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Thread: Mike's system

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    Re: Mike's system

    Quote Originally Posted by Mike Lavigne View Post
    here is the one you want, the 4 disc 45rpm Classic pressing. really fine sounding. "The Boxer" is revelatory. owned it since 1999. i started College in 69'-70', this was a fav of mine then and since, and so i had a very strong impression of how this should and might sound. the Classic 4-disc blew my mind. i finally heard how it should sound.

    Simon And Garfunkel – Bridge Over Troubled Water (1999, 180 Gram, Vinyl) - Discogs

    i'll have to drag it out again and listen for that piano crescendo. can't recall how 'clean' it is off the top of my head.
    sorry to sidetrack this thread any further. Mike, have you compared the Classic 45 against the Mofi 45 rpm 1-step? I don't have the Classic, the only other 'audiophile' pressing I own is the well known CBS half speed.
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    Re: Mike's system

    The 1-step is quite good in my view. I also have a recent remastered 180g version, but the 1-step is another level.
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Mike's system

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