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    Re: Audio Research 160M


    I asked ARC the same question days ago and sadly the answer was negative- no upgrades are planned for the Ref10.

    Xmas regards to all.


    Quote Originally Posted by gasherbaum View Post
    Does anyone know how ARC plans on using this new architecture from the 160S and 160M with their pre-amps and phono stages. I saw the REF 6 will now be upgraded to the REF 6SE and current REF 6 owners can upgrade. Does anyone know if that will be the same for REF 10 owners -- will the next top model preamp be a REF 10SE that current REF 10 owners can upgrade? How about with the REF 3 Phono -- will that be replaced and will current REF 3 Phono owners be able to upgrade. Thank you, Larry

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    Re: Audio Research 160M

    Has ARC confirmed that Ref 260M is in the works? I just ordered a Ref 6SE PreAmp with a Ref 3SE phono. My speakers are Magnepan 20.7 and was concerned that the Ref160Ms didn’t have enough power for the Maggie’s, so I ordered a pair of Bryston 28B3 monos as power amps. If Ref260Ms were available, I would have considered them. If they are due out soon, I could cancel the Brystons.

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    Re: Audio Research 160M

    A dear friend of mine drives his MG-20.7s with ARC REF750s. I personally think that the REF750s (and VTL Siegfried IIs) are the ideal power level for MG-20.7s.

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    Re: Audio Research 160M

    Reviving thread. Late to the party. Anyone pair the 160 to Magicos (m2). I’m wondering if the 160 will have enough power to really control the woofers.

    Any comparison to the newer Luxman Mx10.

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Audio Research 160M

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