View Full Version : Canon G7x MKII

January 3, 2020, 01:55 PM
On Xmas Eve, my Canon G11 died in the middle of the festivities, lens retract error. Can't get parts and the time to tear it apart would be costly. So I looked at both the G9 and G7s and picked up the G7xMKII on the 27th.

I have to play with everything and get it setup but so far I am impressed with the pics, specially low light-no flash. The zoom also seems to be way better than the G11.

It did not come with the USB cable to offload pics as everyone assumes we all want to use the Wireless and Cloud offload. The instructions for all that just completely suck, Tech Support was not any better. It took me 3 hours to get it setup on 2 PCs and the connection is 50/50 connect or fail. You can just take the card out and offload but I will buy a cable for ease.

Anyone else have the G7x?