View Full Version : I heard the 5805

Mr Peabody
August 25, 2019, 10:53 PM
Mark Levinson has two more affordable, for them, integrated amplifiers, the 5802 at I believe $7k and the 5805 at $8500.00, the 5802 has only digital inputs where the 5805 offers analog inputs and a phono stage, MM/MC. Both have built in DAC.

I heard the 5805 driving a set of Audio Physic speakers. The power rating is 125x2 into 8 ohms. The set up was only using a Node 2 for streaming but I was impressed with what I heard. The sound had the same Levinson character as my separates. Being everything was different in the set up to mine I can't say how close the 5805 comes but I can say it will deliver full ML high quality sound.

Something I read was talking about the 5k integrated amp sections were based off the 534 power amps opposed to the more expensive 585 using 532h technology, so the 5805/02 may be a real challenge to its big brother.