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Thread: Psi avaa c20

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    Psi avaa c20

    My room is square - 20' X 20' X 9'. Those that understand acoustics, room setup principles and bass resonance, will immediately understand the difficulty I have in getting the low end 'right'. On the suggestion of Jim Smith, I moved to a 45 degree offset setup which helped greatly. GIK and Vicoustic bass traps have also helped some. However, there remains an emphasis in the low end that finds it way into the upper bass regions. Enter the PSI AVAA C20.

    The technology makes all the sense in the world to me and has recently been given the stamp of approval by Tom Martin. https://youtu.be/p2AgRNUdp7E?si=sX1kVXcEzKuwyPLF

    I also spoke to a few other long time and respected audio hobbyists who could not speak highly enough about these products. While not cheap, I decided to jump in and purchase two.

    Given my room setup, I put one each in the corners behind and between the speakers and my listening position. By my months of measuring and listening, I knew they were both areas of high bass pressure.

    Setup is no more difficult than finding those areas of high bass pressure plugging them in and turning them on. They are set to a calibrated level from the factory but you can adjust if needed. I did not.

    Doing A/B is as easy as turning them on and off. Their effect is immediate and in my case, highly beneficial. I could hear and 'feel' the effect using my reference recordings. Those that have substantial low end, sounded better. Those that didn't (think Eva Cassidy type music) were not affected in any way.

    After convincing myself I could hear a positive impact I then set about testing the system with and without them using REW.

    Here are my results.

    Averaging the left and right speakers measurements there is a 2 dB reduction in the 25 Hz to 32 Hz region.

    The water fall graphs clearly show the beneficial impact of the PSI AVAA C20s.
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    Re: Psi avaa c20

    Active bass traps like AVAA’s are great,

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    Re: Psi avaa c20

    Congratulations, Craig!

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    Re: Psi avaa c20

    Quote Originally Posted by Mike View Post
    Active bass traps like AVAA’s are great,

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    Exactly 👍

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    Re: Psi avaa c20

    Glad they are making a positive difference.


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Psi avaa c20

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