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Thread: MQA Discussion

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    Re: MQA Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Tone View Post
    I wouldn't call it a must watch. He actually said: "in his opinion, MQA has less loss than PCM & DSD". Must be magic pixies.
    I thought it was a must watch and funnier than anything on Comedy Central. MQA has "less loss" than PCM or DSD because...Hans said so. Never mind the bits lost and the Patent itself spelling it out. Maybe in his next video he'll explain how it actually has less aliasing distortion...because he said so and "he and his colleagues heard it".
    You can't make that stuff up LOL.
    Is there any reason why folks can't just like MQA because of the remastering/aliasing distortion/EQ enhancement, rather than a whole bunch of malarkey? Do the SET guys make as many ridiculous excuses as to why they like the sound?
    It really is ok to like something just because, rather than for made up nonsense. Seriously, it's ok.

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