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    Re: Qobus or Tidal which do you recomend

    Quote Originally Posted by CommandPerformanceAV View Post
    What I found is that Qobuz seems to have a much larger hi resolution catalog (like 2 million tracks) vs Tidal (last account I saw was 100K and growing). And they are standard PCM, not MQA. Based on listening to MQA tracks vs Qobuz hi-res, the latter sounded better to me (better clarity / soundstage / smoothness).

    For Classical music in particular, if you type say "Scarlatti" - all there Scarlatti album will pop up. For some reason this doesn't work on Tidal. On the other hand Tidal has a lot more genre classifications and The "curated content" / playlists seemed a bit better on Tidal vs Qobuz.

    Pricing should be same or lower vs Tidal for annual subscriptions. But Tidal has various discount subscription schemes (family / education / military) that brings the price way down. I can't imagine Qobuz won't respond when they launch in the US.

    The Qobuz hi-res service will be marginally more vs Tidal Hi-Fi level if bought on an annual subscription cost basis.

    So anyway : as of now I'd give the edge somewhat to Qobuz. But we'll have to see how things shake out when the actual US launch happens.
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    Re: Qobus or Tidal which do you recomend

    Yeah, you always have to drill down with Tidal. You just never know which bit to use. I don't know how many times I finally found an album on the search of a fourth or fifth piece of info, whereas if there was adequately thorough metadata any combo of two of those data points should have resulted in the title sought. So I guess I'm hoping Qobuz has more thorough metadata?


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