Having recently completed an acoustic remodel, if you are removing the sheetrock to treat the wall the above advice is good, but no need to weave the mass loaded vinyl just put it up last after filling the wall with recycled blue-jeans insulation. You can get some idea of that if you visit this blog http://www.whatsbestforum.com/showth...l=1#post416825 and read through a few posts where there are some clear pictures of how to do it. You do have to do a few creative moves cutting the vinyl to overlap without doubling thickness (or your sheetrock won’t lay flat).

My acoustician said she found little appreciable benefit to using stuff like green glue between layers of sheetrock, and in your application of jst sound abatement a single layer of 5/8 rock over mass loaded vinyl will be plenty. In my space the sound in adjacent bedroom significantly reduced. If you listen at quiet-moderate levels your neighbors will hardly hear a thing. Be sure to treat behind electrical boxes or any pass through locations.