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Glad you guys are enjoying these power cords. I’m not sure if you recall, but I have had a full set of Thunder, Hurricane and Dragon (source and power) in the store since December. They’re wonderful power cables - all of them.

The jump from thunder to Hurricane is subtle, but worth it. The jump from Hurricane to Dragon is substantial - but so is the cost!

I found putting Dragon on the source components (DAC or CD) made the greatest impact. But I heard improvements on the preamp, amp and Niagra 7000 as I went down the line.

Back in January, I held a blind power cord shootout. Customers brought WW platinum, Nordost Odin/Odin 2, Valhalla 2, Ansuz Diamond and three or four others, including a DIY cable. Rance (from the forum was there too). Hopefully he will chime in. Anyway, they wanted to compare Thunder and Hurricane to all these other power cables they had brought because Rick and I had been raving about them. I didn’t bring the Dragon.

It was unanimous. The AQ cables won. Hurricane specifically. Let’s just say, I sold an awful lot of Hurricane’s and Thunders that day.


how does Thunder/Hurricane compare to Shunyata Alpha NR. does either brand work better with tube gear, and also are the AQ cords flexible enough for tighter spots (behind a rack)