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    Re: Full MQA Release from Aurender

    Quote Originally Posted by still-one View Post
    I don't have Aurender but have used the app at my local dealer that does.

    I think I now understand. You first choose the Masters tab to narrow your search to MQA titles. You then entered the Artist name into the search area, in this instance Melody Gardot, to see if they have any MQA releases available in your region. So the only thing that should be returned are all of Melody Gardot's MQA versions.

    I never liked the functionality of the Aurender app compared to some others but they seem to be the first ones to be able to search all of Tidal and show MQA titles that aren't in the Masters listing. Nice job.
    Pretty much the same conclusion here.

    While search as such is not great, being able to search for MQA in Tidal is a first.

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    Full MQA Release from Aurender

    I only see one of MG’s albums too... how do I see the rest?
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