diy acoustic diffuser panels
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    diy acoustic diffuser panels

    I'm thinking about making some diffuser panels. To place them at the first reflections points on my walls.

    When I google I see many different designs and a lot a mathematical explanation on how they work. But to be honest I don't really understand most of it. Has anyone here have any experience making diffuser panels, what type/model did you make? and why?

    Could someone maybe show me a good DIY design in metric.
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    Re: diy acoustic diffuser panels

    Diffusion is a great “technology” but in reality, acoustics isn’t something you can wip together and put on the wall etc.. Well you can but to get impactful and measured results, proper implementation is critical or one will spend significant time and $.

    This is a fantastic thread but can be pretty high lvl depending on your knowledge/experience

    Diffusion is a bit more involved (especially diy) than your typ broadband/trapping construction.

    Either way, the proper balance of both absorption and diffusion is critical to a good room. Its all about physics. I would recommend assistance from someone knowledgeable or if funds are available, I would hire an acoustician.

    Otherwise research into room acoustics is essential if you plan on diy (imho) and as far as I’m concerned, the room and its “acoustic” signature are the most important piece to the overall sound you will get from your rig.

    It’s just a matter of how far you want to take it. Uber $$ cables and electronics won’t help if your room, spkr placement, listening position are not optimal.

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