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    Re: New: Herron Audio VTSP-360 Vacuum Tube Stereo Preamplifier

    Quote Originally Posted by aerialacoustics View Post
    What was the discount on the ps audio bhk preamp during the holiday sale? Around 3500$ for a new unit?
    I believe they were offering a one third (33.33%) discount on the BHK electronics, so the $6K preamp would have been on sale for $4K.

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    Re: New: Herron Audio VTSP-360 Vacuum Tube Stereo Preamplifier

    I uesed to own a VTSP-3A r3. It was a very quiet clear and detailed, yet musical, preamp, w/ incredible built quality. Neutral! It also had ergonomics and features that one only realized owning it. For instance,, among other things, the phase button on the remote, as well as power polarity switch on the back. It had some sort of a built in protection circuit on the power side and the rectification design is very good w/ low noise.
    Keith is a straight shooter, very knowledgeable, interesting to listen to when called and very fair with his offerings and updates... He is constantly trying new parts within curent designs and offering updates...
    this new 360 pre was evidently a new design discovery for him, after taking the “3” as far as he could, then enter the new 360.
    I no longer own the pre but if a different course of system evolution I would not hesitate to try the 360...
    Call Keith. He will most likely give you a trial, direct (and pricing).

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    Re: New: Herron Audio VTSP-360 Vacuum Tube Stereo Preamplifier

    I received my new Herron 360 over the holidays, replacing my VTSP-3A. Keith took it in trade along with my very old VTSP-1A which was sitting in my storage room. It functionally works identically to the VTSP-3A. I think you need to try it if you are comparing with other preamps. I think it is great. I have had Herron preamps for more than 25 years, beginning with his first VTSP-1. Besides having wonderful sound, Keith's preamps are extremely sturdy and reliable, with tubes that last just about forever - even though I keep my preamp on 24x7. The remote is extreme compact and very functional. The only thing it will not do is the balance control. I especially like being able to change absolute phase from my listening seat. I can detect correct phase pretty easily with my system so having that feature is very useful.

    Keith is not trying to become a rich man, he is happy selling at a reasonable price and is more concerned about the quality of his products than manufacturing in the cheapest locations in the world. He doesn't change models very often and my previous two preamps (the 1 and 3 were both upgraded at the factory (near St. Louis) to the 1A and 3A status) for a very reasonable price.

    If you can get one on loan from your dealer, that would be the best way to compare. Keith might be willing to loan you one. I think he is either back ordered or makes them to order. I had to wait for 2 or 3 weeks for mine. I have another preamp, the CJ MET-1 which I use for multichannel playing. If Keith made a multichannel preamp, I would replace the CJ in a heartbeat.

    I also got Keith's phono pre, the VTPH-2A which can take both MM and MC inputs, which works well with my system, where my stereo cartridge is high output and my mono cartridge is low output. He took my old VTPH-1MC for a generous trade.

    All of Keith's electronics are unbalanced and the phono pre is RIAA only.

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