My 2nd system has a 300B SET amp that I really like. It uses an unbranded (probably Chinese, and it's at least 10-15 yrs old) 310A driver, and I have a feeling that changing out that tube might make the sound even better.

Because the WE310A was never a widely used tube, there aren't a lot of NOS tubes out there. Line Magnetic uses a Psvane 310A in some of their amps, and Mike B posted at least once that the Psvane 310A is a nice-sounding tube in the LM 219ia.

Grant Fidelity carries most Psvane tubes, including some of the WE replicas, but not the 310A. Rachel at Grant Fidelity stands behind her products and is reasonable to work with. I've found Psvane 310A replicas for sale on some Chinese websites, but Psvane has a reputation for poor quality control, and I'm hesitant to use a Chinese dealer I'm not familiar with. That's why I've always tried to use a dealer like Rachel who stands behind her products.

My questions:
1. Anybody directly compare an original WE310 to any other 310As? Winged C also made one and those can still be purchased, but I've no idea what they sound like.
2. Can anybody recommend a Chinese dealer they trust who carries Psvane?

Thanks in advance!